Hose Recommendation For 5.0l With Big Block Radiator

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  1. I have a Griffin big block radiator (Cu-00042) and a 5.0L block with the brackets from a 80's Mustang in my 1967 Mustang (in progress). I have searched the forum and see people recommending using flex lines, or the lower hoses from a Maverick or Bronco II, but they all seem to have a small block radiator.

    With the BB Radiator the inlet is pretty close to the alternator. I know others have run into this problem, but I cannot seem to find them. Has anyone else run into this and how did you solve it? What upper and lower hoses did you use on your 5.0L engine with late '80's brackets and big block radiator?

  2. This is cheesy but it`ll work, go to a muffler shop, and have pipe sized for the small end, and stretched to the right size at the other end. A good shop can fab it all the way from one end to the other, but don`t get your hopes up, that would be pricey.

    You just need the pipe to adapt one size to another, keep it simple.
  3. I went to Advance Auto Parts and bought about 10 different hoses based on the results of some more aggressive online searching. I ended up using Dayco C71280 for the upper, and a Dayco C70438 for the lower
    hoses. The upper hose only needed about 1 inch, max, removed from the thermostat housing end. The hose clears the alternator and serpentine setup very well. I originally thought I was going to need to couple two butchered hoses together to make this work. The lower hose needed some trimming as well, but I don't remember which end. Also be sure to use the anti-collapsing spring to ensure that the hose does not kink. To me the setup looks "OE" and only cost about $24 for the hoses I used. The other eight hoses did get returned.

    Again this is the setup I'm using:
    Griffin Radiator:

    Part Number: CU-00042
    Overall Height (in): 21
    Overall Width (in): 22.56
    Overall Thickness (in):
    Core Height (in): 15.5
    Core Width (in): 23
    Core Thickness (in): 2.68
    Row Quantity: 2
    Radiator Style: Down Flow
    Radiator Finish: Natural
    Transmission Cooler: No
    Inlet Location: Passenger Top
    Outlet Location: Driver Bottom
    Inlet Size: 1.5
    Outlet Size: 1.75
    Tube Size: 1.25 (in)
    Fan Included: Yes, and the Shroud, Wiring, and Radiator Cap are included
    Notes: V8 Ford "LATE MODEL" & OEM Big Block (EXC. MODULAR)

    Being used with a 5.0L block with the serpentine setup from a 87-93 Mustang. The Waterpump is on the driver side, and the inlet for the radiator is on the passenger side. I believe the Griffin Radiator is pretty close to a Big Block Radiator for 1967 and 68 Mustangs.