Hot chics love hot Stangs

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  1. I was over at my buddies hous the other day for a bbq and his hot cosin was there. After the get together we were all leaving and she said she needed a ride home. Of course her being hot got a couple of us jumping up to take her (hey im single and shes smokin). So she got to choose between riding in a 99 FRC Vette, a 03 BMW M3 or my Cobra and she choose the Cobra. Thank god for camera phones b/c here is the departing pic:D
  2. Dude *Fist tap*
  3. Back in the summer I was driving to work I was in the fast lane and this stupid guy wanted to piss me off and go 60. I got an opening and passed him. I see in my rear view mirror this red explore trying to keep up. I get close to my exit and the explore pulls up next to me and it was 2 hot blonde girls probably in there mid 20s. They yelled out the window your cars hot... I gave them a smile, a wave and took my exit.
  4. You let that walk out of your car? crapola
  5. im dating a pretty hot chick who drives a GT, which is cool. but her ass is not that tight. touche with a ` above the e
  6. pic does looks a lil generic
  7. +1,000,000
    I hope you hit it first!!!
  8. lol, i was doing my thing about to go to lone star with some buddies, and 2 ok looking chicks in a expedition kept waving at me lol
  9. My wife always gets the goons bugging her when she is driving my car. Every leg humper talks to her at stop lights. The last chic to tell me my car was hot was the 14 year old girl handing out the timeslips at the dragstrip. "I swear officer, I had no idea she was 14", my last words before they lock me up if i tapped that.
  10. right after i got my gt me and my lil bro were ridin around and these two hot gurls were hollerin at me and if i was in my last lil honda ther wouldnt have even said boo. hot stang+ chick magnet
  11. x2
  12. Its stangnet, someone had to call it, might as well be you:D

    Camera phones suck and it was on the down low as I did not want her to know what a perv I am (got her # and wana go out this weekend, then she can see that I am a perv):nice:
  13. Nice. :rlaugh:
  14. :lol: at least you don't lie about it:nice: Gotta love the stang attraction. In fact i learned not too long ago that the GF who im with now (2yrs8mo) first saw me in HS while i was driving my car listening to rage against the machine, of coarse after i stopped at the stop sign all she heard was exhaust:D She even admitted it had an impact on her
  15. Come on now .. you definitely should have dropped some pipe.

    She could be a butterface tho
  16. Here lets try this one instead: So I was at my bro's house jus chillin and I was mackin on this smokin hottie. She was all mine after I smoked the 99 Vett by 8 lengths in the half mile. She asked me to take her home for a little sumpin sumpin and on the ride she rode me in the revers cowboy position while I passed a Viper GTS doing 150. That pic was taken while I was walkin behind her to her pad for some all night luvin:D
  17. You are the man- enough said.
  18. Pic looks like a NYC alley between hi-rise apt buildings...
    You will have to post more when you go out with her again...with your car in the pic.

    otherwise i agree with BS
  19. I dont know if i would want a girl that dressed like that in public, sure it wasnt a hooker? JK
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