Hot chics love hot Stangs

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by LaserSVT, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. :eek: LaserSVT caught lying on SN....and after all of my heart felt advice too!?!

    Wonder what the punishment should be (looks around for ban stick)....where did I put that thing?
  2. Whats worse is he was talking about MY girlfriend :mad:
  3. SilverBullet00: Great Job:nice: I knew someone on stangnet would of gotten it sooner or later:D At least everyone was entertained for the night. That pic was with my phone watching some music channel. I could not get an arse that nice to ride wit me :(

  4. How about a thousand lashes wit a wet noodle:D
  5. At least you won the prize, you want the inside illuminated mirror or the set of Hyper white light bulbs?
  6. I dont even use my mirrors inside... Ill go with the hyper whites!!!
  7. PM me to get shipping info, and thanks for playing!
  8. ahaha i've even seen those pics. I knew i knew better than that

  9. ahahaha
  10. And because Silver Bullet00 figured it out and proved it first, this is his prize:D

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  11. You've been busy. :D
  12. I cant see it:( When I click on it the new screen only gives me the big red x in a box:(
  14. OK I am prepared for the after-life. You need me to go there or are you coming to Texas, I think Six Flags are still open:shrug:
  15. What background :scratch: . I saw no background whats so ever....only her playground ...err I mean the forground :D
  16. Ahahahaaaa, that leaves a permanent memory.....thats how it all happens.
  17. This thread got locked in 5.0, I never got one locked before. I feel special!:)
  18. Why did you make one in 5.0? Do you have a 5.0 mustang? If not, then thats probably why. They dont like multiple threads on the same subject JUST for increased hits.
  19. Well, how funny, I had another mustang hot girl incident tonight and I was with my girlfriend. Ok I just got home; we went to three bars tonight. The last bar we went to I pulled up dropped it in neutral and revered as I pulled in. Went into the bar got a beer, played a game a pool, my girl and I lost the round so I had to buy (stupid me for calling the wrong pocket on the 8 ball). Went to the bar tender and she said is that your car out there, I said yup, she then says “that’s a hot stang” I said "thanks". Then she told me she has a 04GT. I was like awesome what do you have done to it. She said she has a mac catback but that’s about it. Next year she is getting a Kenne bell installed. I asked her what color she has and she has an orange stang. So for the rest of the night she gave all of us (my girl, her sister, fiancé and myself) shots for free all because I have a stang. All I have to say is I love my car. I feel like the king of the road in my car. It’s loud and scares even corvettes away. That’s all; I’m buzzed and am going to bed. Good night stang net.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.