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  1. I'm just glad they went with the more traditional style taillights than what was shown on the concept car!
  2. Why all this whining about the lack of a 6 speed? It doesn't matter one jot with a fat flat torque curve. 5 gears forward is plenty for any car with more than 500 rpms of powerband to work with. An RSX might need it, a V-8 powered car should not.

    In fact 4 works pretty well, too. I've had two different performance cars with 4 speeds and I never, ever missed a 5th gear. They were still fun as hell. Come to think of it, I had a friend with a 3-on-the-tree Dart that was pretty fun, too-- burnouts in first and highway cruise in third, with one more in between for accelerating. Oh, and what about all those pathetic slow drag cars with their crappy two-speed transmissions?

    Don't worry, you'll find a gear that works at any speed even if there are a paltry 5 to choose from!
  3. See it may not be as much of a performance issue with a lot of people, just that it sounds badass to say you have a 6 speed. "Nice car, got a 5 speed?" "Nope, 6speed" "Wow, nice..." But for the most part, i agree with you
  4. Because in a production vehicle a 5spd will have 5th gear setup as a fuel economy gear, making it useless for any acceleration. This limits top end and overall acceleration. More gears = better overall performance. This isn't true for drag cars because they make so much power and rev so quickly that they don't need fancy gearing to go fast. But that's like comparing a 767 with an F-22.
  5. All I want to know is HOW MUCH. If they bump the price a few grand, they better be giving the buyer more than 300hp.

    But I KNOW I will be driving a COBRA.
  6. Not to be rude, but I could care less what an idiot ricer thought about the Ford Mustang. I have never cared what "tuner" guys do, and I would never think of drawing attention from a ricer. Shouldn't it be the oposite, neon glows, washer LEDs, fart pipes...etc.

    If they don't already know that these cars are powerful then why would a mundane exhaust set up do anything for 'em.

    I believe in the after market.:nice:
  7. Who is offering a HiPo V8 with a six speed in the price range of a GT?
  8. You know my friend used to say that also. Then he rode in my cobra and found 5th isn't useless. I still accelerate just fine with only 5 gears.
  9. I haven't seen good enough pictures to really draw a conclusion on the interior. I've found that you really need to see it in person to conclude anything.

    The exterior is a different story, though, and I love it. The in-grill fog lamps give it a great look, IMO.
  10. OMG. Are you guys mental?!? 300hp not enough? Jesus. It used to be exclusive to own a car with over 300hp, now every Tom, Dick and Harry can go buy one from a dealership for under 30 grand. I think that's a hell of an accomplishment. And what is the big deal with having a 6 speed? It's just one more overdrive gear, which has nothing to do with acceleration performance.

    In 2005 we will have an awesome looking Mustang with 300hp, and you guys are ****ing about it? Someone needs to have their head examined.

  11. Actually it costs $0.00 to get a cobra in the 12's and it costs lots for a GTO. Perhaps you didn't know but a typical 03 cobra runs about 12.7 stock 1/4 mile time.

  12. Can I get an AMEN?

  13. I was joking dood.

    and just to inform you, and so many other people that do it (cos it annoys the bejesus out of me), the saying is "I couldN'T care less". Saying I could care less defeats the purpose of saying it. :nice:
  14. This car when it comes out, with a few bolt ons will be killer. Think about it. You'll get 300HP in a 3400lb car, with the possibility of running 4.10s on the street with no concession to mileage or drivability with the 5speed auto. With boltons and a blower from lets say Saleen, Steeda,Roush this car will dominate most cars out for no money. The difference being the new car gained 40HP and only about 125lbs give or take.
    The GTO might be a two year wonder for GM. The Stang has superior tech and the 5speed auto for less money. The GTO weighs more and costs more and still only available with a four speed auto. From the pics it looks like Ford built the car that GM had to go to Austrailia to get.
  15. ok i zoomed in 200%, sharpended it and flipped it.

    and ill just type it in: (this is the backwards page that is blurry the little blurb right by the picture)

    Rental car no longer! The V-6 Mustang (right) should rate better than just fleet duty as it gets a more sophisticated SOHC V-6 and over 200 horsepower. The base car's front fascia and wheels are different, and the Mach I's unique(or esque maybe, can't read this word) grille mounted fog lamps are a ?no?-show. More than half of Mustang sales are V-6 Models, so this car is important to Ford ????? a ????? standpoint.

    im assuming the first word would be from. so this car is important to ford from a ???? standpoint.

    and here is the other blurb near the top of the page beside the guages:

    Classic Mustang instrument panel design ?clues? are everywhere, yet the driver selectable guage lighting is a computer-age touch. The 2005's longer wheelbase means more comfortable seating front and rear.

    The rest of the article is blurry beyond recognition although the first line has BMW in it.

    And sorry to burst any bubbles but on the second page where it says she??? (shelby) the word above and before it is COUL? (could) My guess is the article is saying Could there be a new Shelby? or something to this effect, which is basically them repeating our question so i wouldn't worry too much about that one.
  16. I want to see how easy bolt ons will be for this car, and see what the VVT will do.
  17. I think the overall design is very nice! However It needs a few minor details.Im not crazy about the lights in the grille. They need to put some fog lights in the bottom valance . The lx just looks like a$s.It reminds me of a mustang 2. Has anyone else seen the wheel/tire sizes. The factory gt size is 235/55/17 optional is like 275/45/18. 235/55 what the hell are they thinking. Everyone complains enough now w/ a 245 so why down grade :shrug: THe seats and the mufflers are pretty hideous too!
  18. the 6 speed IS a big deal, and it makes a difference in acceleration. it puts the gears closer together providing lower gear ratios which helps acceleration. 5th will no longer be an overdrive gear, but a gear in which real power can be utilized. how do you think the f-bodies have been pulling off their crazy performance times but still pulling well over 20mpg when driven normally?
  19. Actually no 1/4 mile times will be quicker with a 5 speed because 1st and 2nd are soo steep on most 5 speeds. Also you'll have better acceleration in 5th gear vs 6th in the 6 speed. But again the 6 speed is awesome in cars that have lots of hp because of its torque rating, and like you said close ratio gears. A 5 speed will outperform though from the getgo.


  20. And just to inform you the proper spellings are DUDE and CUZ or CUS but if you don't want to sound like a total rube then it's BECAUSE.

    If you are going to offer grammar lesson at least make sure you can spell.

    Anyway, the car looks decent I just don't think I would like to buy one until the next redesign.