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  1. a good driver in a 6spd should have no problem taking care of a 5-speed car with the same power. its all a matter of how well you can get through the gears...
  2. They can use the transmission out of current cobra's but i'm willing to bet thosee 6 speeds cost more than a few bucks over a 5 speed. Also, They arn't going to release a car with everything the first year because they wouldn't have room to grow and improve. They want to keep the car improving over the years to keep demand up.

    I'm going to assume Ford wants to keep their margin up as i'm sure they will sell 100-1 Gt's over cobra's. So the cheaper it is for them to make the more money they can make at the same targeted price point.

  3. LOL!

    I havent seen improvements over YEARS of current models...

    260hp since 99 to current, no improvements. EXCEPT the T45 to 3650 change in ~2001 because of complaints.

    215hp from 1994-1998, no improvements.

    225hp from 1986-1993, no improvements.

    Its also FACT that the Mustang GT is THE MONEY maker for FORD, as well as the COBRA. They make HARDLY any money on the V6.
  4. Please back up this "fact". Volume = profit. If they sell 10 V6's for every 1 GT and 10 GT's for every Cobra, I fail to see how the V6 is NOT the money maker. Please explain how you came to this conclusion.
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  6. The car is retro down to the tires too!:p Nice large sidewalls. Don't worry, the aftermarket will have a set for you. The lights in then grill were there 30 years ago, so expect that. The mufflers like stated before paint black or replace them. From the looks of it this car owns the current GT and with mods and a blower might rival 03,04 Cobras with pullies and boltons. Not to bad for under 30 thousand fully loaded.:nice:
  7. I love the new design of the 05 Mustang, "But" the V6 look sharper then the GT

    because fog lights is not in the grill :nice:
  8. I was just looking the pics over with my dad , another Mustang lover.
    we really like the new 05 design. love the roof lines
    Int does look nice . 3 bar steering wheel 65' look

    Aftermarket will be great for this car.
    I'm thinking about some different design now .

    No 3rd brake light ! shaved it off.

    Some nice tires & rims and that car would be more bad ass !
  9. On top end only...not in the 1/4 mile.

  10. Um...they improved the powertrain of the 5.0's over time and the 4.6's twice since its original production. The car itself was modified some but thats not the piont. Ford is gradually increasing its base hp and gt hp. They are not going to give the ultimate hp out to the consumer all at once. Technology is a gradual improvement and the ability to do things over time gradually will eventually improve the bottom line too.

  11. I am talking HP figures.

    I predict another 6 years before HP is bumped.
  12. I don't know how in depth you have looked at different years of mustangs. And I only know about Cobra's. But the Cobra has comeout with slight improvements on it. In EVERY year. Granted they are not always hp. But there are nearly 10 differences between my 97 and my former roommate's 98. And we discover something else everytime we look at them.
  13. I love it

    I on the other hand love the car, Regardless of the mufflers or unpainted side mirrors. there will be so much after-market out there that mostly anything can be fixed for personel taste.
    I traded in my 03 V6 mustang for a ZX2 to save money for the love of my life, which i will get in summer of 2005.
    I was planning to mod my V6 to be a stock GT eater by putting atleast 3-4 grand into it..........not any more!

  14. Love the car. Really. But I have to say, the wheels on the GT look like they came straight from the Explorer Limited! No?
  15. The wheels if anything they look like the wheels from the LS.
  16. Here in Detroit, the Mustangs that are on the Dealer Lots are sitting for months.

    The factory guys (line and management) all are telling their friends and neighbors to not even CONSIDER buying the old model Mustang. Wait for the 05's is the major buzz around here.

    I took my buddies over to the Dealership on I-94 and M-59 one Sunday two weeks ago, to take a look at brake rotors and see how bad they are rusted from sitting and not being serviced. (Boring weekend I know.) We counted over fifty Mustangs with front and back rotors surface rusted so bad that they felt like running your fingers over a rasp file rather than a rotor. Seriously, 40 grit sandpaper would have seemed smooth compared. The five 03' Cobras I saw with crusted rotors and slack tires made me sick.

    My girlfriend asked if it was a problem with the ford rotor design. We told her no, it was a problem with Ford extending the fox platform so long, the buying public has finally had enough it seems (here in Detroit at least).

    If you are making payments on a 99-2004, sell it NOW and wait. When the 05' model starts making itself known your values may remain strong on paper, but good luck finding people to choose your car over a new one when you get ready to sell.

    Imagine how hard it was to sell a 78 Mustang II after the 79 Fox platform started coming out! Happy Holidays everyone from Detroit!

  17. Your Detroit dealers must have ordered too many Mustangs or fired all their sales people as Mustang sales for calander year 2003 are running slightly ahead of 2002.

    But I do belive that as long as Ford has their stuff together and can make enough of them Ford will sell a lot of 2005 Mustangs. I wouldn't doubt that the 2005 Mustang will have the best sales for any Mustang since the new Mustang II sales were 380,000 back in 1974.
  18. wheels are a no biggy to me, I am not the type that keeps the car bone stock, Ill probally get lighter ones anyway.
  19. YUM!!!! no only if i wasnt broke for the next 5 years...gotta sell my stupid pos dodge after i get dodge to fix all the damage they have done.

    I think it looks great, the only things id change are the hood(easy) and the mufflers showing, im guessin you should be able to hide them with after market mufflers(i hope)