House of Kolor paint?

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  1. Anyone use thier paint? I was pretty much decided on PPG for both the 73 and my truck, but I picked up a book written by the guy that started house of kolor (john k???? long last name), and it made me start thinking. The guy that comes up with the paints also uses them, and that says alot. Generally the people that use a product have the best feel for usage/design, so it follows that his paints would be really good (not saying ppg isnt). Also, he goes into pretty good descriptions of wait times/prep, etc on his products, so it would be easier to follow those directions (and they have a tech line for questions!). I'm also thinking of getting the video for painting secrets (there's a lot of vids made by them) for more pointers. Between my husband and myself we have 4 vehicles to be painted in the next few years (two DD trucks, the mach and his firebird), so the more I learn, the better they'll look. Plus I like the idea of learning to tweak colors for a more custom look.

    So if anyone has used thier paints, what was your take? Good, great, take it or leave it? Also, has anyone seen the "kustom painting secrets" video-was it worth the $$?
  2. I borrowed the video from the local paint store and copied it, and it would have been worth it even if I'd bought it. The video really works well with the book and helps explain a lot of stuff better. They do complete Kandy paint job and although it's a little different for my tastes, the process is no different than any basecoat/clearcoat job and it really clarifies a bunch of stuff for me. I was considering a different brand of paint before, but after seeing the video, reading the book and surfing his website for prices (cheap) I wouldn't consider anything else. A local custom painter originally sterred me towards the House of Kolor products and he swears by them. Check with your local paint store and see if they can get their stuff, my local store told me they can get any House of Kolor product the next day if I let them know what I want by 2 pm.
  3. House of Kolor is GREAT stuff. Here in CA it is considered a paint that is used for custom paint jobs. Lots of show cars with paint jobs using House of Kolor.
  4. Here on the east's the worst you can get. Although a lot goes to who paints the car but I've heard too many stories about the paint being old or mixed wrong.
  5. Wow, I've never heard anything negative about HoK paint. Even the paint forums I frequent all have great things to say about the stuff, from primer to clear. Plus the cars I've seen with it look perfect, and the owners claim it resists chipping very well. What specifically was wrong with it?
  6. There's only one place I know of to get HoK paint nearby, but my guess is it depends on the turn over from the paint store & thier supplier. We got some bad Marhyde yellow highbuild over the summer from a local paint place-my guess is they just don't sell enough of it. There are a lot of custom rod shops around, I'm going to start asking what kind of paints people used, and where it came from. I think the one car I drool over every time I see it was HoK paint:
  7. Nothing specific since I don't see anyone using it, but I have seen a car that was painted three time due to the paint 'fading'. I tend to think it was applied wrong (too thim) and the base coat was not correct.
  8. I agree with Cbarton and zoo, I've never heard anything negative about HoK paints, but I don't have personal experiance with the paints though.

    The video series from Paintucation are great painting/body work tapes. They are well worth the $$, plus Kevin Tetz likes mustangs :nice: and will answer any q's or problems you encounter with the painting process if you email him.
  9. No offense, but if it wasn't mixed and applied according to the instructions, who's fault was that? John Kosmoski cannot come to every paint shop and hold their hand while they mix and apply the stuff, but he does the next best thing with a very good book, excellent video and an open invitation to call his tech line and speak to a painter, not a receptionist. If you have no knowledge at all of the product, why did you even reply?