How a truck tire cost me 500 bucks...

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by GeneralGrant, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. First of all thanks to everyone who diagnosed my problem as a bab t/o bearing. When the guy got the old clutch out he gathered what was left of my bearings out of the bell housing. The old clutch was fine still had plenty of life but the old t/o was shot to hell.

    So about a month ago i ran over a truck tire and it riped something off under the car. I thought it was a cover for the cat but it was actually the cover for my clutch fork. Which allowed **** to get in there and mess up my t/o. Of course this part is discontinued from ford so for now im driving with out it again. But not for long ill be getting a new one somehow imidiatly.

    On a side note whats the precedure for breaking in a new clutch i got a spec one and it smells like condoms some time like the other guy who posted. So i must be doing something wrong. I try to shift at 2500 with moderate throttle, no downshifting. and i dont sit at lites with the clutch pushed in. Is there anything else i should know?​
  2. Spec recommends 400 miles of easy driving. Do yourself a favor and stick to it. Smells like condoms? I don't know about that.
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  4. I thought i read someone say that when leaving from a stop you shouldnt rev over 1k is that true?

    (Bad joke: Car smells like condoms cause ford likes to ***** me)

    But seriously no idea about the smell vib? Is it something that is not normal?
  5. I don't remember a smell from my Spec Stage 1 when it was breaking in. :shrug:

    That dust cover is available from Ford, I bought one through the dealer a few months ago. Don't have the part number though, sorry.