35th Anniv How about a 35th Anniv. Saleen S281 SC Speedster?

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  1. Just sold my Centennial Edition so I could buy this one. Centennial was one of 1323 Convertibles. The Saleen is #107 out of 170 convertibles.

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  2. Hard to tell if it has the 35th interior....looks like it though from what I can see. I know they built a few...Roush did too.

    Need more pics.

  3. Sweet ride, regardless :)
  4. Im guessing they are regular GT seats since it has a regular GT hood and is Torch Red, not performance red.
  5. The gauges bezel says 35th anniversary on it and it has the badge but not sure about what the seats are supposed to look like. It's an registered Saleen and that's really why I bought it, the 35th anniversary authenticity comes second. I'm not sure what gets shipped to Saleen for them to do their magic on.
  6. I've also just recently picked up a 35th anniv/S281SC (coupe though). If you're curious about the production numbers, you can call Saleen and they'll give you some info over the phone.

    Taken from SOEC.org forums:

    "You can e-mail Janice Anene at [email protected] or call 248-743-6429."

    When I called her, she told me mine was 1 of 2 Rio Red supercharged coupes (out of a total of 5 Rio Red coupes, out of 183 total coupes for the year (170 verts, 353 total, without the Cobras)).

    Mine's got the 35th badge on the fenders. I'm not much of a Mustang afficiando, in the way of knowing all the info (I bought the car off of a friend that bought it new, I wanted it the first time I drove it 7 years ago), so I'm not sure what exactly is changed by Saleen from the factory 'stangs they recieve.
  7. Brody1, I don't think yours is an LE, 'cuz I don't see the embroidered Pony on the seat backs. Drew0318, yours definitely is not, LEs came in Performance Red, not Rio Red.

    ALL 1999s are 35th Anniversary Mustangs and have the 35th Anniversary badge on the front fenders. Of the 126,067 Mustangs built in the 1999 model year, 4,628 were "Limited Edition" Mustangs. (Option 54Y: Limited Edition Package @ $2,695)

    Limited Editions came only in White, Black, Silver, or Performance Red.

    Total Production: 4,628

    Coupes 2,318
    Convertibles 2,310

    Performance Red 1,555
    Black 1,299
    Silver 1,259
    Crystal White 515

    Exterior Features of 1999 Mustang:
    hood scoop, black appliqué on hood, black honeycomb between tail lamps, 17" X 8" bright machined 5-spoke aluminum wheels

    Interior Features
    Midnight Black leather/vinyl seats with silver leather inserts and "Pony" logo, Midnight Black carpeted floor mats with 35th Anniversary logo, instrument cluster with gray mask and 35th Anniversary script, silver leather door trim inserts, aluminum shift knob.

    LE facts: Mustang35th : Facts and Figures Page
    Defunct 35th website: Mustang35th : Home Page

    Here's a good site for 1999 Production figures:
    1999 Mustang Production Numbers
  8. Ah ha. Thanks for the clarification.

    Makes me wonder if Saleen got *any* of them then....
  9. Mine actually does have the embroidered pony on the seat backs so I will check the VIN with Janice and see what she says. The color is right. for sure
  10. I also have the entire list of "Limited Edition" VIN's, PM me and I can tell you if it is a true "Limited".

  11. Naw', your car is Rio Red... a true red, not the vermillion hued Performance Red.

    Embroidered pony doesn't mean much. It's the tu-tone charcoal and silver seats with a silver stitched pony that signifies anny seat covers. Door panel inserts are also tu-tone silver and charcoal.

    The silver 35th guage surround could be purchased over the parts counter and/or any number of the Mustang part dealers back in the day.

    Most of which is stated above in the excellent posts.

    The four 35th package based 1999 Saleen S281s are/were:

    99-0303 - coupe
    99-0356 - 'vert
    99-0362 - 'vert
    99-0368 - coupe

    35th Anniversary? - The Saleen Forums at soec.org
  12. Hey! That thread looks familiar. ;)
  13. Thanks everyone for verifying that I do indeed NOT have a LE 35th Anniversary Edition Saleen. It's still nice to have a Saleen that was produced from a 35th Anniversary Mustang. I'll settle for having one of 170 Saleen S281 Convertibles produced in 99. See y'all in Birmingham possilbly?
  14. Brody, check with Janice, you're probably a lot better than 1 of 170. Sure, you can probably go as far as 1 of 1 with options like floor mats, etc. But you could also have a 1 of 5/etc with just the color option and/or NA/SC.