Forced Induction How About A Vortech V3-si Trim On A 94 Cobra?

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  1. I have been looking for a used Kenne Bell but they are as elusive as Big Foot right now. I found a killer deal on a brand new Vortech V3 tuner kit for my car that I might jump on. I already have BBK long tubes with a catted H-pipe, 42 pound flow matched green tops, and a Walboro 255 on hand and ready to install. I know I need a MAF and I am leaning toward a C&L 76mm. Other than what I have listed and a custom tune, is there anything else I will need? And if any of you have installed a Vortech on a Cobra, were there any problems with oil cooler lines or anything else I should look out for? Any other suggestions for this setup?
  2. The Vortech is actually a much better blower for a 5.0 then a Kenne Bell. Go for it. There shouldn't be any trouble with the oil cooler, but if there is, I would just pull it. I would go with the a Pro-M MAF. They seem to work better than the C&L, not that the C&L is that bad though.

    You're going to be real happy with that setup.

  3. Thanks for the input but would you explain why the Vortech is better than the KB for the 5.0? As far as the choice of a C&L, it is purely a matter of price. I can get the C&L for $145 shipped. Would a boost controller be necessary as well? Fuel regulator? And when it comes to tuning, what about a Moates Quarterhorse vs. having the car tuned by a shop?
  4. FWIW...I have a KB....if you haven't already, try to drive a friends car with a Vortech and find another with a decide which is better for you. Either way, they're both neat.
  5. I would love to try out both before I decide. Unfortunately, none of my friends drive mustangs and my brothers are mostly into mopars. I think what it will come down to is what I can get the best deal on at the time. I found a used fox body KB for $1200 but by the time I would have spent the money to convert it over to work on my car it was going to cost more than I think it would be worth.
  6. Centrifugal compressors are just way more efficient, which means more air at a lower temperature with less parasitic drag on the engine. The downside is it doesn't build as much boost at low rpm, which is not an issue for a Mustang that produces plenty of low end torque anyway.

  7. 9/10 tuners will tell you c&l is much better. I know that's not what this thread is about, but stick with it. Trust me.

    As for the centri vs roots style, I agree with what's been said. Also, the oil cooler is mostly overkill so as Kurt said if it interferes modify or remove. No biggie.

    Another advantage with the v3 is not having to tap your oil pan. Do this and if for some reason you don't like it I'm sure you can sell it and continue the search for a KB. Jump on this kit and enjoy.
  8. Just installed a V3i on a project a few months ago. I'm a Vortech fan so you know my vote. KB make gobs of torque which is cool. However they are hard to come by. Seems KB went modular and vanished from the push rod market.
  9. I think you will need more fuel pump, unless your kit comes with a t-rex or something...

    Edit also there is a fairly new Aermotive 340 , supposed to pump 20 or 30 percent more than the walboro
  10. That is what I thought you were going to say. I have heard that the KB's produce a ton of low end torque; so much so that it is hard to keep tires on the car.

    Any pointers you can give me on the install should I go through with it? Assemble it first and then put it on?

    I have been getting conflicting information on this. Anyone else care to chime in?
  11. Actually the Vortech book was spot on with instructions. Has pictures and step by step.
  12. When you say "Vortech book" are you talking about something other than the installation pdf that I have already downloaded?
  13. The Vortech book comes with the kit. It's like 20+ pages and is a step by step with pictures. Not sure what PDF you have, maybe it's the same. It didn't take long to install it. Getting the belt tight became a pain but you'll be a pro out that after time.
  14. I found the pdf at Vortech's website. How long did it take you to install? What size injectors/fuel pump were you using? Anything else I am missing?
  15. It took a few hours, used 30lb injectors with supplied FMU by Vortech. You'll need a larger fuel pump (255 minimum). Other than that get some buddy's to help. You don't have to tap the oil pan (its self contained) so that saves time. The install isn't so bad really.
  16. I think he's be ok. He doesn't have an outrageous setup. Just a little boost on a basically stock engine.

  17. The V3i is a SUPER efficient blower, and can make considerbly more than my V1 S trim.. If for some CRAZY reason you don't like it, you will have no problems selling it. The main complaint from everyone used to be the fact that you have to tap the pan, which is no longer an issue.. It's an awesome blower.. I want one.. My s trim is tired
  18. I never got the tapping the pan thing. Why can't you just dump the oil in a valve cover. Is it really that hot?


  19. It's not about that.. Its about the placement of the compressor and needing gravity to drain it back into the engine.
  20. Ok, that makes perfect sense. I guess I was kind of retarded for thinking that blower would be a pressurized case. If you had an aftermarket oil pan, you could just put the drain where the stock dipstick hole is. I had to npt tap my block to put a plug in mine.