Forced Induction How About A Vortech V3-si Trim On A 94 Cobra?

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  1. Wideband O2 is here. Found a Boss block that is begging me to buy it...
  2. Subframe connectors are getting welded in tomorrow. I bought a Kaenen s281 wing but it does not cover all the holes from the factory spoiler so now I am on the hunt for a GT deck lid. There are a couple for sale pretty close to me that I will be checking out soon...
  3. Subframes are in; they stiffened things up nicely.
  4. Which subframes did you get?
  5. I went with UPR full length subframe connectors. Next on this list is getting those 3.73's installed, which I am doing myself.
  6. Have you taken it to the track yet?
  7. Not yet but hopefully soon. I would like to get some better tires on the rear before I go; what's back there now sucks for getting a good launch.
  8. I now have all the necessary tools to do the gear swap. 3.73's coming soon...
  9. Can you do a step by step write up on the gear swap? I have seen write ups in magazines but they always seem to speak gibberish to me and leave steps out. The Mustang community really needs a nice write up with pics!
  10. Yeah, I should be able to do that.
  11. Lowering springs are here. Now it just needs to cool down below 100 so I can get some work done.
  12. I finally tracked down a black deck lid so now I can install the Keanen S281 wing.
  13. Any new numbers?
  14. Bump.

    Lets hear how thing are going or went. Lol
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  15. Yup, what happened. The crickets are chirping in this thread.
  16. Sorry I haven't been around in quite a while. Lots of things have happened and changed in my life, mostly for the better. I ended up selling the Cobra after a guy made me a pretty good offer on it. It was definitely fun while I had it and had zero issues after the supercharger install. Definitely would have needed a stronger tranny with that kind of power at the rear tires, though.

    Right now I am finishing up putting an LS2 into my 68 Chevelle. This car is pretty much brand new from front to back. I rewired the entire car with an updated kit that included modern fuses and upgraded wiring. It was setup to integrate a fuel injection system right into it, so it worked out very well. Monday night was the first time I was able to fire the car up and it started on the very first turn of the key. I was pretty nervous and kept second guessing myself, but I really took my time with everything and it worked out perfectly.

    This engine should be making around 430 hp/440 tq at the flywheel in stock form with my custom tuning. Then this winter I will upgrade the cam/springs/pushrods, and possibly change out the heads and be at an easy 500 hp. There is actually so much room in the engine bay with that old SBC out of the way I was considering a turbo...haha. Probably don't need to go that far but it would make around 600 whp without a problem.

    I am glad to see that most of you guys are still around and still enjoying your cars. Someday I would like to pick up another Mustang, but for now I am really into the classic muscle cars. The next project I have in mind is installing a Trailblazer SS AWD drivetrain into a 67 to 68 shortbed C10. I haven't seen one of those done yet and I think it would be awesome to be the first to build one.
  17. How long did u drive it boosted? No blown head gaskets or other problems? My tranny will be my downfall too..
  18. I drove it for quite a while with no issues at all. I did have an intermittent stalling problem upon deceleration with the clutch pushed in, but I just opened up the throttle blade by adjusting the screw on the throttle body and that fixed it. How many miles are on your engine/trans?