Forced Induction How About A Vortech V3-si Trim On A 94 Cobra?

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  1. It only has like 11k on the rebuild motor and trans... I say this cause I cant confirm it.. I can tell that the motor has been out recently and it does have aluminum x302 head. I can see the gaskets on the motor are "newer:".. I have "from wut im told." x302 heads, 1.7 roller rockers, e 303 cam, 3.55 gears, 30# injectors, 70mm TB with 75 mm maf calibrated for 30# injectors... bbk shorties with x pipe and tips, polished ported cobra intake and CAI in the fender.. I went to the track and my first ever pass .. """ EVER""" down a track was a 13.95.. the best with 245 45 17 street tires(converted 5 lug) was 13.701 with 2.2 60' and 106 Mph on street tires.
  2. supposibly the trans is a tremec t5 WC hd Z spec
  3. in my basement I have a SCT Big Air 2600 90mm MAF with 60#injectors and adaptors, anderson power pipe and walbro 405 fuel pump waiting to be installed on my 306 (by the way not sure its a 306 but its been wut im told)with a v3 si kit.
  4. I seen ur dyno pull... was it from lidio? at alternative auto?
  5. Yep, the car was tuned by Lidio in Chesterfield. It sounds like you have everything you need to get it going. Just make sure you call and see what his schedule is like; he was a few weeks out when I first called to check his time frame and availability.
  6. I had a appointment for July 29th.. but I talked to him and rescheduled for aug 26th