Forced Induction How About A Vortech V3-si Trim On A 94 Cobra?

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  1. No... I don't think the OP made a bad choice. Not at all. I liked my V1S for sure. No doubt, there's been a lot of KB users that have excessive discharge temps. I've been part of some of those discussion/trouble shooting sessions. A lot of times, the source of those temps wasn't the blower itself. It cam down to 1 or more 3 things.... Blower to small for application (overspin), inlet restrictions, or poor tuning/combo slection (back pressure has a hand in this too).

    Don't get me wrong. I would LOVE to have an air to air cooler for my Kenne Bell. Hell, I'd even take an air to water! One of the reasons that I bought the kit that I bought was because Bob Kennedy had the intention of producing a street intercooler kit. The only part that I really wanted to address was what I percieve to be a gross generalization of screw type blowers making excessive heat. I have found the reverse to be true in a repeated number of circumstances. I attribute a lot of that to the size of the cases and RPM that each uses to produce boost. Now the exhaust end of the screws do get pretty warm. Still.... that heat is dissipated over the length of the screws and so long as air continues to move, that portion is mitigated. It's when you shut it all down that you can really see that difference.

    To the OP:

    Like anything else with modding, it's all about your supporting pieces and parts. Any boosted can be done wrong and each has a different requirement to run well. I've been working on my setup and making changes for years and there's STILL more left to do. Installation of the kit is only the beginning. It doesn't matter if you run turbos, or a centri, or a screw blower... The tweaks you make to support the kit are what the difference between a kit that makes eyes go wide when they ride in it and the, "Meh" response you get from so many others.

    Please resume your normally scheduled.... er.... schedule. o_O
  2. The A2A Intercooler that guy made was awesome. That car made like 685 Ft. Lbs of torque but that's with a Ford Strokers 363 Dart Block. Hell I would love a KB but like mentioned they do need an intercooler in my opinion.

    To the OP, you'll love the Vortech. My V-1 that I've posted pics has a sound that would bring a smile from ear to ear like a kid when I heard it. I had a Buick Grand National making 21 psi on a small Garrett TE44 Turbo that had the coolest blow off sound ever at that psi. Still no comparison in my book than the Vortech at idle buzzing. You'll see.
  3. Holy thread hijack, Batman!!! Haha good times. Anyway, I started the install on Friday and worked on it for a few hours today. At this point, I have to cut the 4.5" hole in the fender for the Anderson Powerpipe, install the injectors, spark plugs, and finish removing the oil cooler. I won't have too much time in the next couple of days to work on it, but I am anticipating getting it finished up on Thursday. Pictures to come in the next couple days...
  4. It's alive! Vortech V3 Si installation is complete and the car runs and drives. Here is my full setup: V3 Si, Anderson powerpipe, 80mm C&L MAF, BBK 75mm TB, 42lb FRPP injectors, Focus SVT fuel pump, BBK long tubes and H-pipe. I am considering picking up a ported lower intake and installing that before my May 3rd dyno tune. I found a GT40 lower for a pretty good price off a 93 - does anyone know if the 93 is the same as the 94-95's? I am assuming it is but want to know for sure before I buy it. As far as pictures, I will post them as soon as my phone turns up...
  5. The 93 will work but you will either have to switch to a fox TB set up or get an elbow adapator to run the 94/95 TB.

    Must see pics of shinny new blower....... :drool:
  6. Even if he's swapping only the lower? I thought the lowers were same same.
  7. I emailed Tmoss to see what kind of power gains would be had by installing a ported lower...
  8. The lower is very similiar. The only difference is that the foxbody has the inlet air temperature sender in the number 5 runner on the lower, whereas the inlet air temperature sender is on the intake tube prior to the throttle body on the SN. If you get a GT-40 lower, you will have to plug that hole on the number one runner. It's a metric thread that I can't think of off the top of my head, so it isn't easy to find. You either get the metric plug, or stick a spare inlet air temperature sender in there to block the hole.

  9. If you're getting it from TMOSS, he probably has one lying around that's specific to your setup.
  10. you can swap lowers all day long, its just the uppers that are different in aspects of having to do a TB swap or getting an adapter
  11. There won't be enough of a benefit to swapping out my lower intake to justify doing it, so I am going to put that off until further down the road when I upgrade the heads. At that time, I will do the Fox TB swap so I can use the metal Vortech discharge tube instead of the black plastic one that is on there now.

    Here are some pictures:

    photo (21).JPG
    I had to extend the ACT wires about 18" to reach the relocated ACT.
    photo (26).JPG
    If I would have installed the Vortech inlet system, the ACT would have been located between the air filter and MAF. In this case, I installed it in the discharge tube.
    photo (27).JPG
    photo (25).JPG
    photo (24).JPG
    photo (22).JPG
  12. I'd have to agree with you. I doubt you will see much improvement with a ported lower.

  13. Well, let's here it run!
  14. I got the belt figured out: 102.5" works nicely. 12 days until it gets dyno tuned...
  15. Looks great! For some reason I had thought you were going to get the polished unit.
  16. I will probably end up polishing it myself as a winter project. 11 more days...
  17. Cant wait for you to share your numbers. What else do you have done to the car?
  18. I bought the car last summer with 30,000 miles on it. The only other thing I have done to it is install a steeda tri-ax short throw shifter. When are you getting your vortech?
  19. Heheheh. I'm waiting to see what kind of numbers you put up first! I went to Paul's Automotive and talked to Mike Wilson, who is a great guy by the way. We talked about supercharger...the same system you have, versus Trickflow heads and cam. He said that either way should put down close to 330 at the wheels. Ultimately, I'd like to go a bit over 400, so it may take a few years, but I may do both. Just need to figure out which one to do first. So, 10 more days till I can see your numbers?