Forced Induction How About A Vortech V3-si Trim On A 94 Cobra?

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  1. I was originally going to do heads and a cam first but based on the research I did and people I talked to, that was only going to put me a little over 300 at the wheels. I talked to several builders/tuners and they told me a vortech would put me at or above 400 at the wheels and would be the best bang for the buck. As soon as I have those numbers I will post them up.
  2. If you get over 400 at the wheels (safely) with this system, I will be ordering up the Vortech the minute I see your dyno sheet.
  3. Define "safely". Some would say 400 rwhp is asking for trouble, others would say they've ran them for years like that.

    I personally made over 400 HP to the tires on a stock longblock with nothing more than a V1 S trim and a power pipe. Since the V3 is much more efficient it will easily make the same or better numbers. My setup was dead reliable and I beat on it every single day. (my old 95, not my current car) Here's my dyno sheet for inspiration to the OP!:

  4. Oh and you guys have cobras, this was on a GT with stock E7's! So you guys will definitely break 400 to the tires since your cars already have heads and intake that breath much better than GT equipment.
  5. Here is a quick video I took tonight after I got home. I only revved it up to 3k just because it is late and I don't want to disturb the neighbors. This is without the supercharger belt on. It's not running as smoothly as I would like it at the moment but that should be ironed out in the tune. Oh yeah, I may be adding a methanol injection system... Cobra/

    Doesn't sound too bad for the stock axleback.
  6. Very inspiring indeed.
  7. Mike :) is a great guy and tuned my car years ago before I fell out with Paul.
  8. Where do you take your car now Pops Fun?
  9. PM sent.... Had it tuned at Precision ... Cincy speed was busy.
  10. I found a slight coolant leak at the water inlet on the intake manifold. It starts to drip a little when the engine is above idle rpm's. Looks like a have a project for tomorrow...
  11. What day are you getting dyno tuned? I swear I am excited as you!
  12. Next Thursday at 8 AM.
  13. Got that coolant leak fixed: a new gasket and some RTV and it is good to go. Everything is set for my Thursday morning dyno tune. 2 more days...
  14. Impatiently waiting....
  15. You might as well place an order for yours.
  16. Quoted for truth!
  17. Less than 24 hours...
  18. If you don't get us a video of the dyno run I think a ban is in order! lol Oh and some in car footage as you're ripping through the gears after the tune would be nice as well!
  19. I can't believe there aren't any pics. I still post pics of every step of every project.
  20. Unfortunately, most of my pictures were lost with my phone...