Forced Induction How About A Vortech V3-si Trim On A 94 Cobra?

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  1. What kinds of numbers were these cars putting down to the wheels in purely stock form?
  2. 190 rwhp with a 5 speed.

  3. Wow. I saw better than a 100% gain in peak rwhp? What about torque?
  4. My GT put down around 191 HP at the wheels. The Cobra made a bit closer to 220HP at the wheels (new), maybe a little more.
  5. Torque varies, I don't know off the top of my head. The 190rwhp is consistent from car to car though.

  6. But he has a Cobra so I'd wager it'd put down between 215 and 225 rwhp in stock form.
  7. Either way, the hp and tq increases are awesome. Looking at my dyno graph, I notice that it made peak hp at just over 10 psi @ 5050 rpm's, and then misfired, but at just over 5100 rpm's it was making 11 psi. I heard that the benefit of the power pipe isn't really seen until 10 psi and can increase boost by 4 psi. Shouldn't the 5.0 stop making power somewhere around 5700 rpm's? If that is true, might I not see around 14 psi at red line? If it made 380 hp at 10 psi at about 5050 rpm's, and it is making around 16 hp per 1 psi boost, I think it is safe to say it would easily be over 400 rwhp before it stopped making power at higher rpm's...
  8. Yes, you will be easily over 400 hp. On this car here at 5800 rpm with my home made power pipe and the stock crank & 3.33" blower pulley I made about 12-13 psi of boost! So you should be right around there somewhere 13-14 psi. If my old stock GT 5.0 could make 425hp to the wheels then there's no reason why your Cobra motor can't do as much or better!
  9. The impeller will hit its maximum rpm and it won't provide anymore boost (it won't pull all the way to say 10,000rpm). I think 16psi is way too high for your motor. Sure it can be safely tuned there but those head bolts would probably flex and you'd be changing head gaskets. I know this because I did it. I changed to a small 12psi pulley with AFM powerpipe and the boost spiked high. I saw the boost needle exceed 15psi on the gauge quickly so I got off of the throttle but when I looked in the rearview mirror nothing but white smoke.

    I'd upgrade the ignition and I'd head back for another dyno tune.
  10. Also I can see on the dyno graph that you went a little rich on the A/F toward the end. Leaning that out some could be worth more HP as well. I thought those A/F lines are suppose to be nice and flat around 12.5:1

  11. My car routinely sees 15+ psi when I floor it but my tune is so conservative it's pulling a lot of timing at that point. I suppose that keeps the head gaskets in place! I've never blown a head gasket on a 5.0 (knock on wood). I want to run meth but I think I'll be also running a A2A setup as well, reason being it will always be there even if the meth system malfunctions and it will bring my boost numbers back down to a manageable level. I just hate having all those pipes running everywhere!
  12. Isn't that the benefit of the power pipe, that it will result in additional psi while spinning the blower at the same speed? My pulley is only supposed to be good for 8-10 psi but at 5100 it was at 11 psi and climbing. That's why I was thinking that it could hit 14 psi at 5700 or so.

    I probably won't do another dyno tune for a while. It's $180 an hour to get on it but he will make changes to the tune and tweak it for free. He does have a dyno day coming up on a saturday where you can get two dyno runs for $50. I will probably head out there for that. Ultimately, I want to be able to data log and tune it myself.
  13. Go ahead and get your plugs squared away before that dyno day and we'll get to see what it'll do at 5800 rpm!
  14. MSD 6al is ordered and on its way.
  15. My wheels and tires are coming in next week. As soon as they get bolted up, I'm putting together the Vortech system. It will take me awhile to get it put together though, b/c I'm going to have the blower powder coated.
  16. Why did you go with the 6al and not the 6al2?
  17. Installed the MSD today. I mounted it underneath the windshield washer pump with a couple of L-brackets and some self-tapping screws. Unless you know what you are looking for, you can't even tell it is on there.
    photo (29).JPG
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    photo (31).JPG
  18. Are you not worried about it getting wet?
  19. That is what the tuner recommended. Plus, I was able to buy it brand new for under $200.

    Not at all. The car is only driven when the weather is nice and sits in the garage the rest of the time. If it was my daily driver then I would have been a little more concerned about it.
  20. By the way, the MSD took care of the misfire problem without having to regap the plugs. It pulls hard all the way to redline now.