how and where to bypass mach 460 amps

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  1. I have a 97 cobra with verified bad amps.The car place game me an amp jumper plug,but it doesn't fit my harness amp in or outs.Can anyone tell me
    where i need to jump them out at.Thanks
  2. Read the instructions they gave you with the harness. You probably need to cut it and then solder. I did this a few months ago. You might also have to bypass the rear amps the same way but I'm not sure.
  3. Not sure if the '97 is the same as '03, but it is a 460. Here is where I spliced for a pre-amped signal. I did it to run the signal to a new amp and subs.

    If you lay on your back, in the trunk, you will find this connector between the rear seat and the 460 black plastic box. It is stuck to the underside of the rear deck.


    See my post for schematics on the Mach 460 :nice:
    Hope this helps

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