How are the winter projects coming?

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  1. Hi
    The engine is bolted down... The headers are on... after a slight interference with the head bolts... The nuts from the 1/2" studs stuck out so we took some material off the header flange and hung the vortech . The oil line to the vortech had a bad fitting so bought a pretty metal jacketed one this morning. :) Injectors and wiring went in great. Mounted the aluminum flywheel and the intake. Had to order some 7" bolts for the cobra intake since we are using a 1/2" spacer to clear the valve covers...... will use all thread til they come in, also cut a little nub off the intake so it would clear... Distributor in... broke a spark plug wire :( darn those msd wires are expensive. Things are moving along... :D
    My B'day is Thursday that would be great.:D Every time I think I am done spending money something else comes up... like the spark plug wires.. Oh well.

    Hope to be running by next week or maybe this weekend... :D my son is ready to get it out of his garage!!
  2. I like it!!:nice:
  3. Put on the new stock replacement rotors in the back. Still really irked the brackets I bought arent the right ones to fit the Cobra rear rotors. They fill up the inside of an 18 inch wheel so much better. Oh well. Did manage to put about thirty miles on the car the other day, sans trunk. Car pulls like a mofo with the new gears, so much more fun to drive. The only downside is that I still have to buy the lower shift boot that seals to the body. So that combined with the pro 5.0 shifter makes for a lot of tranny noise transmitted into the cabin. I bought a set of Cobra Bobs shifter base and handle gaskets which will cut down the noise a lot. Then I just gotta buy the lower shift boot and Im done with that portion. Im going today to find out if my trunk and spoiler are done at the body shop. If so, I have to go to Mustangs unlimited and get new plate light lenses. Old ones fell apart. Last major thing to do the car off my winter list is the 03 Cobra rack and the rear control arms. Though the radiator and shocks / struts have cropped up lately as things that need to be done.
  4. I am still waiting on presents from UPS and Fedex, and the real work won't start until the beginning of May when the new heart arrives from Fordstrokers...:D

    That's all the details I will share for now. It's gonna be a close call getting it done before Carlisle June 4-6
  5. I've got some early spring work going on. Got the car to the body shop last week and will have almost a full restro done on the body and subframe connectors done by april 15th. also going to finish my full suspension upgrade this spring... sways, lower control arms, front control arms and some bushings... then an FR500 steering wheel with full black column switch, currently tan. and then I'm broke for the next two years LOL.
  6. made an appointment with my painter and the shop that will be fabbing up my side exhaust on april 5th. So it's crunch time to get it ready for inspection and move the battery to the trunk before then. days go faster than you think....
  7. Didnt get much done today. I was hoping to pick up my painted parts but no luck this week. Guys been busy. Modified my stock battery tray and installed my Optima red top. Very happy with the way it came out. Took my time on the tray and you cant even tell it wasnt designed that way.
  8. Hi
    Went over and undercoated the bottom of the car today, the tranny will go in shortly so I wanted to get it done.

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    Just did between the frame rails/stiffeners, going to point the outside later, noticed some slight rusting around the spot welds. Think I will treat that and paint it the body color!!

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  9. What did you use to undercoat?

    Blkvert-that cupholder mod is one I have wanted to do for almost a decade. I made a panel to hold switches in the old ashtray but that is no biggie. It must be nice to have a place to not only put 2 drinks but a drink bigger than a 16oz can
  10. who welded them subframes looks like my amateur work...

    My stang is cranking... no more ccrm buzzing... tracing a no inj pulse/no spark now... it has fuel at the rails :nice:
  11. Would you trust this loser with your winter project....?? I would get more done if SOMEONE would layoff with the camera and turn down that damn music. Wait a minute....those hands are far too clean. :rlaugh:

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  13. I upgraded the heads cam and intake in November, bigger wheels and tires in January and just got my wideband and Tweecer RT this week. It's warming up outside so hopefully I can get this tuning stuff figured out and go have some fun:D

  14. just some stuff my son had laying around that he wanted used up.... hope it doesn't interact and fall off.. :rlaugh:3mm undercoating was the most of it..
    I want to do that cup mod myself..
  15. Saturday... Jay called at noon and I went over he had the power steering NS air conditioning pump hung when I got there. Dialing in the lakewood housing took forever... the offset pins were rough and wouldn't turn so we took everything down and smoothed them and tried them and smoothed them etc..[​IMG]

    tranny went in easy...


    Worked til 11pm and the car is done. [​IMG] [​IMG] Cranked it over to check oil pressure and get fuel pressure. Hooked up the coil and a couple of turns and the battery quit, after a couple cranks!! [​IMG]

    [​IMG] I am a happy guy... might get over tonight to see if it starts.. [​IMG]
  16. I'm in the middle of changing from a TFS-R intake to an edelbrock victor 5.0 on my 347. The lower intake is currently at the machine shop getting the sides milled .094" and the end rails milled .153". The lower sat way too high so it needed to be milled.
  17. It makes smoke!!!!!..... [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  18. i am really surprised at how happy the cupholder mod has made me. i use them literally every time i drive the car, because i always take my wallet and cell phone out of my pocket when sitting down. now i have a perfect place to put them.
  19. dang that was quick! it must be nice to be able to devote a good bit of time to a project like that. i'm not there yet, but 1 1/2 years from now when my daughter goes off to college, then i will be golden


    back on topic, i was hoping my mechanic would fix my exhaust leaks last week, but when he got under there and saw how big of a hack job the original guy did, he realized that there was no way. so we need to order some stuff and then i'll have to take it back next month :(