How are the winter projects coming?

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  1. Hi
    it helps that my son is a mechanic and has a lift at home..:D Also all the tools.... which is really helpful..... and yes it does help when the kids leave.... then when they are on there own that really frees up time and money!! :) Although you never stop worrying or try to help..:rolleyes:
    edit: also helps that he wanted it out of his garage. smile

  2. Well weve had a nice spell of weather up here in the northeast after all that rain. Unfortunately its been two weeks and my trunk still isnt painted. Though he did weld up the spots where the Ford logo used to be and primed all the parts. Said try back next week :notnice: Oh well. Put on Cobrabob's shifter gaskets. Quality pieces. Recieved my new plate light lenses as well so now I'm more or less just waiting on the trunk and spoiler. Did take it for about a thirty mile ride today with the plate propped up in the rear window. Definitely loving the 3.73s. :nice: Feels like a completely new car. Might tackle the 03 Cobra rack tomorrow. We'll see how motivated I am when I wake up. Had the last few days off and its been nice to relax.

    PS - Any pics of this cup holder mod??? Ive heard a lot about it but no pics? Or is it a trademark secret?
  3. Finally got my block to the machine shop yesterday. :) I should be ordering the pistons in the next week or two.
  4. well,my gear swap is on hold til i find an inch pound dial torque wrench.
    is there a way to do it without one?

    slp loudmouth's going on this weekend.
  5. Davis, has a little beam style one that i used to do my gears a few weeks back. Its only like 30 bucks or so. Definitely wouldnt do it without one. At least if you do it with the proper tools you wont have to tear the whole thing down again because you werent on target with the specs. Youre gonna need that and a magnetic base dial indicator. Or i suppose you could be creative and get a clamp on style to work as well, if you already have one of those in your arsenal.

    On a seperate note I installed my new radiator today. Just a factory replacement but at least it doesnt leak.
  6. cool thanks,i'll check that out.
    i have everything else needed.
    was looking at a used mac for $100.
    just did'nt want to spend that much for a tool i'll only use once.
  7. Waiting for FTI to ship my cam to assy... so i was porting and cleaning up the intake and threw it on to check for clearance on the VC's I bought.


    check out the small icon inside the freeze plug??? just noticed it...states void if removed...anyone seen this type...looks like a small engine...

  8. Finished mine engine runs .... put about 30 miles on it. Still need to make an appointment to get it tuned!!

  9. looks good Andy, if the motor overheats, and that falls off the freeze plug, warranty is voided. heard of it but nerver seen one in person.

    No winter projects this year. I have collected a couple of things over the years that i will install this spring. I had been so lazy working on the car that i kept on putting stuff off. My car comes out of storage in about 2 weeks and i'm taking 2 weeks off to work on it and enjoy it.

    So far i have collected and need to install my Lakewood traction action arms, Xenon spoiler, new speedo gear, LC-1 Wideband with gauge, new timing cover gasket to fix a small leak, a proper clean up (interior, engine, and many coats of waxing) and work on a Tweecer tune. Then near the end of spring, I'll order a Vortech V3 with the proper bells and whistles.

    I'm excited and miss my car now
  10. What valve covers are those? Are you going to be running a 94-95 alternator bracket, and do they clear the alternator?

    I'd love to go to some fabbed aluminum VC's but I'm not willing to shell out $400+ for the Moroso ones, which are the only ones that fit that I know of.
  11. I scored them on Fleabay for 80.00 shipped or so awhile back. Others sites have them for need not spend big $$$$ on them.
    I went thru the BS of getting my FRPP ones on and these look like a tad more room.. I wanted that look so said screw it...i'll fix if needed... They are going on my 95 though.

    These had better clearance then the FRPP ones... I can get away with no intake spacer..
  12. Damn that looks really nice :nice:
  13. So you're saying they will clear the alternator then? I guess for $80 I could always just notch them as needed and not worry too much lol
  14. No, I'm not saying they'll clear the alternator as I haven't tried. This the 5th set of VC's I used over the years...I'll get them to fit...:D
    Like you said, at the most you have to notch....Its your intake you have to worry about also...
    This Eddy is the 5th intake I used also... Iv'e modded all types of stuff to run what I want between intakes and VC's.. I'll keep you posted on the fit.
  15. slp's installed.
    Flowmaster Vs. SLP video coming later.
    here's a couple pics.

    i told her,think America's Next Top Model.
    she gave me the "your an Idiot" look:rolleyes:
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  16. Had the blown rear with stock gears replaced with a rebuilt rear with 3.73's. I wrecked it 4 years ago and it has been sitting in my driveway for 4 years. I replaced all body parts except the hood which I picked up a few weeks ago. I am awaiting a full paint job soon.

    I still need to replace airbags, speedo gear, wheel bearing, windshield, and tires and then it is done and back on the road. Stock 302 still runs smooth with 180,000 miles. I also nee to take it back to Ziebarts for some warrenty work (tint and sunroof).

    I have not been able to drive my car since fall of '05 and I am hoping to have it on the road by April 22. I am stoked, then next winters project will be a 351 swap.

    Oh BTW, I would like to know more about the cupholder deal that everybody is talking about. Pics, write ups???
  17. Winter project is finished... this is a shot of the car... Very happy with the engine compartment paint, of course the engine looks great also.

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  18. getting $5337 back from taxes. even though most of it is already spent, i am taking a little off the top to re-do my exhaust. the original guy butchered it.
  19. Man, I wish I wouldve gotten that much back for a return. Id already have my KB bought and installed!

    On a seperate note, threw on a new Dayco belt and decided to get a new windshield since I've had full coverage on my car since I bought it and never once filed a claim. Glass was pitted like a mofo and I get up to three free replacements a year with my insurance so.... :nice: