How are the winter projects coming?

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  1. Been a while since Ive been on Stangnet. I was so fed up with waiting for my trunk and spoiler to be painted, I went out and bought two four wheelers for me and my girl to occupy all my down time. Now Im addicted to them. Its fun riding the trails.

    In any case, Im STILL waiting for my trunk to be painted. Been well over a month now. My mistake was bringing it to a place that knows me and we used to do a lot of business with when the dealership was still open. Needless to say, since they know me theyre not exactly making my little trunk a priority with the race season at the local track starting up and people wanting their cars painted. Granted, Ill likely pay little, if any, money for the job... but honestly by this point I would have rather have paid it and be done with it. Oh well, wont make the same mistake twice. Luckily theres only been a handful of really nice days so far. Actually been a little cold and rainy up here in the northeast as of late.
  2. Fox TB swap is done, 4.10's are in ( :hail2:). Now just have to get the K member, A arms, coil overs, shocks struts done and a tune and Im done for this year mod wise.
  3. Venom, arent gears the ****nit? My car seems like a whole new beast and its relatively stock with 3.73s. Yours must be pretty crazy. I thought about 4.10s since I did the 5 speed swap but I was worried first gear would be non existent. Plus with future plans of a Kenne Bell, Ive heard people say its better to go with gears closer to stock numeration since the charger will be giving you more than adequate low end torque.
  4. Ive had 2.73, 3.08, 3.55, 3.73 and for the first time 4.10's and I'm more then impressed. I took it out today for the first time on dry pavement and ripped it all the way to redline. That is one thing this car was lacking and I cant wait to see the results at the track. 4.10's seem to be perfect for this set up and I know Im getting much better air flow w/ the fox TB set up compared to what I had before.
  5. Well here's mine....I have most of the fab work done; need to start considering exhaust ideas. I wanted side exit, but I don't have sfc's yet. There's still all the wiring to re-work yet, oiling, and I need to spend some money on injectors, chip, hpx slot meter, hose couplers, and tune...then the small nickel and dime stuff. I was hoping for more of a mild winter....pretty cold even in the garage :canada:

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  6. I tore my engine down to the block in sept and am waiting for income tax return so I'll have the rest of what I need for some new cylinder heads. Then its finishing off the exhaust system w/ some long tubes and getting the SVO side skirts mounted.

    Side exhaust and subframes are tricky. I'm dealing w/ that issue now. There is a company that makes a set of SFC that works with side exhaust. I'll get back to you on who it is. Im not at my home comp at the moment
  7. old thread but I like it and its winter again. No longer have a fox so the SN is my winter project. Picking up my blower set up on Sunday!
  8. Yeah I started this thread over a year ago, surprised it was found. But like you said, it IS that time of year again. I'm up in the air about what I'm going to do this winter. Definitely yanking the T5 again. Never had the time to replace the reverse idler gear last year like I wanted to before the good weather came. And my shop press was broken so I didn't change the internal bearings like I wanted to either. Also has a quiet high pitch whining sound when I'm slowing in first gear with the RPMs up. Sounds like a baby Kenne Bell. Not sure if it's the throw out bearing that came with the clutch kit or the pilot bearing. Still have to mount the proper tranny mount bracket as well since I had a modified AODE on on there after the swap. Only put a thousand miles on it over the warm weather months so I'm probably going to pop the rear cover and check the gears out I installed. I used a solid pinion spacer for the first time and I wasnt one hundred percent happy with how it went together. The breakaway torque on the the pinion was never consistent. No noises or clunks but I'm a perfectionist. Need to drill and tap the bottom starter bolt hole in the bellhousing. A tune up probably wouldn't hurt. Pretty much just a bunch of small stuff. Im still undecided as to what the engine plans are so I'm likely not to mess with that this winter.
  9. Got new wheels,silver FR500's.
    Installed cobra rear brakes.
    Replaced another leaking Mishimoto radiator.
    And replaced a worn inner tie rod.

  10. Installed the ultra clear headlamp and corner lens', as well as the 8000K dual beam HID's. Thinking of going with a turbo setup so that may be on the agenda. Though it would be early summer as I have to get tail pipe emission tested in July and the turbo setup would no longer allow me to swap cats back in for testing. Gives me time to get the few other things I need, mainly the 42# injectors, blow through MAF, and adjustable FPR. Already have a 255lph fuel pump and the turbo kit is readily available. All the other odds and ends are easy to come by too. Waiting on the sale of two of my four quads to a coworker for the main chunk of income for this project however.
  11. Another winter another project.... Ordered a new crank pulley and a new blower pulley, 2.85'' hoping for 30 or 40 more hp. :D Have 507rwhp.
    May also add a water/meth setup, sounds interesting. Could add more hp and have the motor a little cooler. :D
  12. Getting ready to start buying parts in the next month and a half especially once income tax comes back
  13. Finally started my drink holder, had the part for a year :rolleyes:.
    Opinions, should I leave the drink holder gray or dye it black??


    Put another power port in the back.


    Looking for a new rubber strip fo hand brake. Then I will install.
  14. cupholder ... one of my favorite mods!

    either dye the whole thing including the console, or leave it alone. i wouldn't dye just the cupholder

    if you find something to fix the rubber liner for the hand brake, let me know please. i need one too
  15. just starting mine ... re-covering the seats in the fairlane.

    i got one cover off, now i need to clean up the skeleton and protect it. then i can reinforce it and put the new cover on. it's a big job for me because i have never done it before.
  16. It doesn't look like fun. I would say it's a big job for anyone.

  17. I am almost done with my junk too, I wanted to upgrade more stuff but my mechanic and people talked me out of it. Such as fuel rails & Coolant can etc etc...dumb stuff. I know~, lol.

    1. Need to find or get my rear interior panels and seats....I think threw it away during the move :(
    2. Need to put tail pipes back on....Dumps :(

    Other then that not much, Currently putting another block together for a spare, nothing fancy just another normal rebuilt 302 :)

    Frankly, I am sick of working on it, I just wanna drive it now
  18. I still haven't gotten my alternator working yet. I picked up a flu in central america that is unbelizeable. I've been keeping the couch from floating away for the last 3 days.


  19. Swine Flu? Black Death?

    I'll be getting ready to cut off my subframe connectors pretty soon after I get an air compressor. cut off wheel came today
  20. Yeah, one of those I'm sure. Maybe worse. I could die at any moment. Like a modern American, in front of a computer, unshaven, haven't showered in two days. Worst of all my desktop died 2 weeks ago and I haven't gotten around to replacing it. So I'm stuck on my laptop which has a 1.50ghz processor, a 40 gig hard drive, and 512mb ram. All my movies are on my desktop.