How are the winter projects coming?

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  1. Update on my project ..
    Decided not to leave the cup holder gray and had the cup holder dyed blk. and replaced the rubber parking brake liner. :D Still waiting on rtv to dry before installing.


    waiting for a smaller blower pulley, and 60# injectors to arrive so I can finish the engine mods.. :D
  2. looks great! 2 questions: (1) did you use the e-brake rubber you linked on my other thread?, and (2) how does it attach to the console?
  3. Hi
    Used this one...
    [FONT=&quot]1994-97 MUSTANG PARKING BRAKE HANDLE SEAL - Classic Car Parts[/FONT]

    The site is a little funky but it worked, ordered on line and the guy I finally talked to was nice..

    It has a formed plastic piece that sandwiches the e-brake rubber. The console has tabs that stick up and go thru the rubber and plastic piece then are melted over the thin formed plastic piece. We used a soldering iron to remelt the tabs. Most of them were not reusable so we used them to align the part remelted what we could and used rtv to hold the rest... took about an hour or so. Of course the console was already out.
    Hope this helps should have taken a couple pictures.
  4. I bet it'll be nice to have real cup holders instead of the cheesy flip out one. I havent done much of anything to my car the last week or so after putting the new lamps and HIDs in. Been way too cold up here to even want to think about going out to the garage. Have been rounding up parts for the turbo build however. Got the fuel pump and injectors. Just need to decide on what MAF to use, then purchase the ARP head studs and cometic MLS gaskets and that'll be the last of the big purchases.
  5. 20 hours into the Holley and shes not quit done lol maybe another 25 or so and shell be finished. The TFS elbow well thats going to suck up another 30 or so hours. uggggg... All in all the engine bay make over and a few interior mods should be done and ready for Carlisle


  6. I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE POLISHING NOW. I am done and so over with polishing stuff, it gets dull and you have to take it off and polish it again over and over, it gets old. I personally liked the black engine bay look your car had.

    Good luck tho, When it's clean it looks tits :)
  7. Haha Hollywood I hate polishing crap also. The project started out with me just wanting to pull the systemax logo and ribs off the intake. After I ground off the lettering I asked a few guys what they thought about going polished and the overall opinion was do it, it will look hot. Ughhhh Im still not sold on keeping it polished. I do have another plan for it if I dont like it. But since I have already made a few changes to the engine, I have to atleast take a look at it on the motor. Heck if I dont like it I can always go back to my original plan. The only thing Im wasting is time and during the winter thats all I have is tons of time lol.
  8. Thats sick as balls rich. At least it will be easy to powder coat it if you dont keep it shiny.


    As far as my end I should be ordering new cylinder heads very soon
  9. Thanks travis.. We will see how i like it when I get everything back together. Like you said, powdercoating it again is still an option.

    What heads did you decide on?
  10. A bit more progress this week ..looking to finish the intake and elbow up by next weekend.

  11. I can't imagine the mess of metal dust around your work area :D
  12. looks really good rich
  13. Rich I'm going with a set of Trick Flow 240cc High Ports set up by Ed Curtis. Just e-mailed him today to get the ball rolling on getting them set up. He's putting a valve spring kit on them and having some other work done to them
  14. Turbo kit will be arriving in exactly one week. Unfortunately I have to let it sit around for months. My cars due up for emissions in July and I have to switch back to a catted H for the test. After that I have two years to enjoy before my next test date. By that point however I plan on getting all three of my vehicles switched to Mass instead of CT where they no longer have tailpipe testing. Luckily I have a residence in both states. Next purchase I need to make is the MAF. Pretty sure I narrowed it down to the C&L tuneable 85mm unit. Then its the cometic gaskets and ARP studs and after all that I get to sit around looking at a lovely pile of parts for months on end. I might get some reman GT40 heads off a SN95 Cobra through my day job to throw on when I do the gaskets. I can get them really cheap and my factory E7s are real crusty for some reason.

    Also, 95Opal intake looks nice. Way too much work for me though! Every time it looked dull Id be all over it again.
  15. That intake looks amazing. I still haven't tracked down my alternator problem yet. I'm now entrenched in the flooring project. At least it's warm inside the house.

  16. Well my heads are ordered. Just waiting for the CNC Work to be done on them and the correct valve spring kit to be installed then they should be on their way to me
  17. i have not yet finished my seat recovering project, but the car is now at home in the garage, and it ran so rich that i have pulled out the carb and partially disassembled it. i need to finish doing that, clean it and put it back together (with new gaskets and such) so i can drive the car again. everyone says that the carb (an autolite 4100 4v) is a great carb and it should be really good for the 390.

    so now i have 2 projects going ... both for the fairlane.
  18. The turbo kit arrived today. Naturally it comes on a day where Im working till ten at night:notnice:
    Then the Fedex guy tells my girl he cant move the larger of the two packages so he wants to leave it at the end of our walkway. Dingleberry. :rolleyes: The good news is that its there. Luckily she was able to convince him to back up to my shop so he could put it there. Ill try to take some pics tonight before I send the hot side out to Jet Hot and the cold side out to for powder coating.
  19. Well the good pics will have to wait until tomorrow. All the cool stuff is out in the big box in my shop. The second package inside only contained the massive intercooler, wastegate, filter and tubo install odds and ends.
  20. [​IMG]
    T67 turbo action. To answer the inevitable questions, yes its a no name turbo. No, that doesnt bother me (I put 600 miles a year on the car now) and yes I will likely get a better turbo before assembly. Id like a Garret or Turbonetics but I doubt thatll be in the budget anytime soon. Maybe a master power. Or I could just run this one. I plan on staying at 7#s of boost. Kit wont be assembled until July so I have time to figure out my options.
    The rest of the stuff. Pretty soon it will be boxed out and shipped out to Jet Hot for some 2000 degree ceramic coating. Hot side anyway. Cold side Ill be getting powder coated locally.

    Naturally the pics dont show up unless you click on em. I always have problems with that...