How are the winter projects coming?

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  1. Starting a few new projects...

    Snow Water/Meth kit,,,,
    Got a 2.85 pulley for the Vortech ...
    60 # Fuel Injectors
    Mallory fuel rails from BlackVert... Thanks
    -8an and -6an Steel Braided hose for the fuel system and adapters etc.
    Everything should be in by end of next week.

    Now to get busy... :D need to get my son the mechanic out of his mother-in-laws kitchen so he can start installing. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    Hope to have it all in and tuned by my B'day mid march.
  2. Hey Pops, didn't you put a Dart block in or something?

  3. Yes, blew it up fall of '09 (stock block) then rebuilt spring of '10 with a Dart SHP Block.

  4. I wish my car budget could allow for a dart block... damn rent and bills.
  5. Picked up the MSD ignition through my work today, so one more thing off the list. Jet Hots higher than expected prices are making me hold off on that portion for the time being. 400 + just for the headers then 40 a foot for the rest of the piping. Then theres the shipping charges... Ouch. 4Jenna had his done out in his area for considerably cheaper so Im waiting for a reply back from him to see if that place takes shipped in orders. Next item up is the Professional Mass Air Systems 3 inch blow thru MAF and protube setup. Havent decided if I want to get it new or used. Best price I found for it new is 264 shipped, though I found someone in the classifieds that has a fairly new one he may be selling already cal'ed for 42# injectors.
  6. Man, I feel like I'm the only one getting stuff done!! :rolleyes:
    Anyway, ordered the MSD harness so I can wire up the ignition all nice like with plug and play connections. Also ordered the PMAS MAF from the classifieds, brand new for 200 shipped so I'm pretty happy with that. Luckily for me the guy was putting together stuff for a turbo and now is going big CI NA and running E85. Sounds like an interesting project. Next items up for me are adjustable fuel pressure regulator and ABS delete manifold.
  7. Hi
    Putting new Fuel lines in being canceled... Due to cost concerns, have hoses and connectors, really need pump, filter etc. another $400.00 :(

    The good news installed Snow water/meth pump and tapped windshield washer tank.
    The horns are hanging down will remount later
    View attachment 195571

    View attachment 195572

    Inside fender well, made a mounting plate. Have the lines hooked to the pump and washer container,, no pic yet!!

  8. Ordered the adjustable fuel regulator tonight so thats one of the last mechanical items I need for the project. Also ordered some Mach 460 tweeters to cover the holes at the top of my new door panels. Always hated the gaping hole up there after I did the black interior swap. Also may be buying a 94 Cobra intake for a decent price, comes with the upper, lower, TB, MAF and a spacer. Wont need the MAF but if I get it for the price Im working on itll be a steal. :nice:
  9. Fuel Rail is finally moving along... My son Jay got a combination of adapters to work, getting past the distributor. A pain. Tomorrow the last of the adapters come in and the regulator gets mounted and hoses made. Crappy cell phone photos sorry. 60# injectors installed.

    View attachment 195015

    We are not tickled with the outcome, going to use it while we look for differnt bars... maybe Behind the Bars.

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  10. My project was way more boring . . .

    Although it sounds way cooler when you call it necromancy :D

    I brought it back from the dead and my Chilton's manual was my Necronomicon. Last weekend I polished it up after getting it running a month ago. It sat for 6 years in the garage until I bought a junkyard engine last fall. I finally got off my butt to finish it in the past couple of months.

    It was a massive can of worms. At this point, EVERY gasket on the engine is new. The gas tank/pump/pickup/float/gaskets are all new too. The engine looks like it just came from the factory after all the cleaning and reassembly. The car looks perfect, accept for the rocker panels; they're toasted and the horsey fell off the front.

    Shame to think it might actually have more ground clearance than our Bronco :nonono:

    This junkyard engine is pretty rought internally. They say it had 60k miles, but I think it went that entire time without an oil change. The compression is all over the board and it lugs & chugs like an old pickup. It's burning oil and I may need to rebuild the stupid thing already :rolleyes: It's not super slow, but it doesn't have it's old gusto. I might just save the money and drop my 347 in there with the stock heads like I mentioned in an older thread. But that will be summer work, this thread is about winter work :nice:


  11. Looking good...
  12. Found that I have to replace my PCM. Its bad causing the number 6 injector to stay on. tested the harnes and its good. Then I can finish the S/C install.
  13. Just ordered the ARP head studs, then the last major item on my list I need to purchase is the Cometic head gaskets. Steep price at 180 for a set but you gotta pay to play I suppose. Theyre probably not even necessary at the boost levels Ill be operating at but Id rather not use a Felpro and then have to tear it all apart to replace them down the road. And unfortunately Fel Pro doesnt make a MLS gasket for our cars. At least not one Ive been able to find. Are there any other options out there for quality HG's aside from Cometic? Ive had to adapt a little more of a cost conscious approach as of late now. My daughters eight months old now so the wifey wants to go back to college to finish the program she'd started before she got pregnant. So now daycare is starting this week ($$$) and her college is a good hike away from home. That starts next week and she drives my Mountaineer which is AWD with a 302... so needless to say our gas budget is going through the roof as it climbs toward 4 dollars a gallon and higher..... Always something... :rolleyes:
  14. I got the driver's seat in the Fairlane, and put the carb back together and on the motor. At least it runs again. Next is to get the panels installed and then re-cover the other seats. Then I have to tackle the top.
  15. I am about 75% done swapping my heads and intake and fuel system out. Ran into a few snags but got those cleared out of the way, just trying to find some amount of time to finish this now. Heads are on, starting to adjust the rocker arms and the hook everything back up.
  16. Hi
    Going to my sons tonight, with... I hope the last of the fuel parts. :) A plug,(regulator) the connection to the return line-6an and the connection to the fuel line -6an. Then make up return line and hook up fuel line. I hope only a couple hours tonight and then we can test for leaks, hook up the power for the Snow Kit, key on and change the thermostat gasket. If the tuner has my chip done (temp tune) today we may be able to start it!!! :D Tune scheduled Monday at 10am. Then I can figure out whih parts I can send back.. The fuel/regulator has been a confusing project.
    Edit: Next year or this summer complete fuel lines... about $400 or so??
  17. Sounds like thing are moving along.
  18. My winter projects are going slow, but progess has been made. I put the engine in the 95, only the wiring needs done and paint. My 1993 notch has been revived and primed after a very disappointing surpise barbecue:(.
    BirthofBlack.jpg Sadness!
  19. ow I think they call that Cajun style (blackened). That sucks.