How are the winter projects coming?

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  1. Yeah, but new harness, fuel rails, dizzy, and hoses she fired right up:nice:.
  2. Hopefully a new fire extinguisher to go along with the replacement parts! What was the cause for the fire? At least it wasnt a total loss.

    On a seperate note, received my ARP studs today. Going to order the Cometic gaskets tonight or tomorrow and then the last of the major items are in hand. Then I play the waiting game....
  3. Hi
    Fired mine up last night, used a temporary tune, adjusted timing, tightened a couple fuel fittings, (beginning to hate braided line) adjusted fuel regulator and drove it home from my son's, in the snow,:eek: Now to wait til Monday... Don't like waiting :(:(:(:( Might go out and polish/clean something today :D
  4. The cause of the fire was due to the fuel rail not being put on correctly during a swap of the injectors. My fault, but now I have two of those fire extinguishers in my car because one wasn't able to put the fire completely out. Maybe smoke bottles in the future though.
  5. Theyre a good idea to keep in most cars, especially when we start modifying things.

    My cometic head gaskets showed up yesterday so now Im on to the B list of parts. These include but probably arent limited to : Autometer Cobalt boost and air - fuel gauges, the clock mount gauge pod, electronic boost controller (eyeing the Greddy Profec B 2), an ABS delete manifold and a few other things. Still want to get the hot side parts and even the cold side coated before assembly. Might consider shelving the turbo install until next winter so I can use the tax return next year to pay for anymore big ticket items that will be needed. (Coating, boost controller, the tune...) At least that way I can enjoy my car over the summer and not have it be torn apart waiting for months on end. Who knows...

    Considered starting to tear the heads off to put the new gaskets and studs on but then I took a look at the rusted out egr tube and could easily see that being broken. DOnt need that pian in the @$$ right now.
  6. need to run my intercooler add the 255 fuel pump run some vac lines and CAI and get a tune then Ill be cooking...hopefully not literally.
  7. Ran into a problem at the tune..... need a bigger MAF, on order, maybe back on the dyno next week!! :shrug:
  8. V10 In the 95 GT

    Well I havent posted in a bit but my project has been a slow going for the past few months. Slowly gathered all my parts and did lots n lots of research. I just got my sub frame connectors in yesterday and picked up steel steel tube n plate. I will put the SFC's in tomorrow. Then I will be able to sit the motor back in it, fab up new motor mounts and move the trans cross member back.

    I forgot, I havent touched my build thread here. The new drivetrain is a Gen II Viper V10 stroker. With the T56. I swapped in an 03 Cobra IRS not long ago as well.


    The core support has been modified and the K-member has been modified.Going manual steering and manual brakes.

    Car has new wheels also.
  9. That, sir, is one sick @SS motor swap. I like that a lot more than LS swaps! Though I gotta know, how'd you come across a viper motor??? Makes the rest of our projects seem a little mundane. :nice:
  10. I got insanely lucky on finding this motor. I had been trading/selling/buying Mustang parts from the same 4 guys on a Local forum (ALOT). I told one of them I was thinking about doing a Viper V10 swap. He then told me that one of the other guys that I had been buying parts from had a Viper V10. It was just sitting in his shop for many years and just wanted it gone. 1 other person told me this as well. Then I talked to the guy that had bought the Viper trans from the engine owner and he confirmed it, plus got the ball rolling for me to buy it. :D

    Its one of the first stroker motors Hennessey had built and was intended for one of the Durango V10 projects that never got finished. :eek:

    I am about done with the hard stuff. Fabing up motor mounts tonight. I installed the sub frame connectors over the weekend.
  11. :eek: :hail2:
  12. Thats awesome. Definitely want to follow your progress on this one. Is there going to be interference on the front accesories / radiator / fan? What are you using for engine management? Viper stuff or something standalone?
  13. That viper swap is sick. We need more pics! Immediately!

    Makes my swap project look tame

  14. My project is done... I sold the '94 Cobra and bought this:




    I had a lot of things planned for the '95 like putting a T trim on it, but the funds are now gone and I have this to play with. I really think I made the right decision as I never gave these cars the credit they deserved. Driving this car makes me wonder if I even want to keep my mustang now... :(
  15. Another stanger bites the dust...:nonono:
  16. 87LX, thats a cool swap. You can tell everyone that gas prices were getting to you, so you swapped out your 8 for a 6... just dont tell em its supercharged.
  17. Thanks...If it were the gas prices Id have done a turbo 6. 28 mpg out of a 3.8 until you go into boost. Then not so much.
    The torque out of this thing is going to pull like a diesel truck. Then they may realize it aint an ordinary 6 :)
  18. Just kidding with the gas prices comment. Definitely a cool swap.

    Received my Autometer electric boost gauge with MAP sensor today. Cobalt series to match the rest of my gauges. Hefty little price tag on the bugger but thats the one I wanted. Next up is the air / fuel gauge.
  19. Bad news my project came to a screeching halt... ran out of fuel during my vortech pulley change, so it's stopped. :(
    Good news, I ordered a Glenn Performance dual Walbro setup good for 1000hp :rolleyes: Won't get it in time for the Stangbangerz Spring Cruise-in and track day... Oh well!! Put the old pulley on and hope it tunes with the new rails and injectors. Then go for the fuel system.
  20. Oh no offense I actually really considered doing a turbo 6 that would spool at 3 grand and it really would save on gas:nice:

    As soon as I get this one out of the garage Im going pick up another 3.8 motor and build a turbo set up for it. Especially if gas hits 4 bucks for regular.

    On a update,,,ordered a base tune via email from VMP tuning then I can load it up start the beast and data log it and fine tune it.