How are the winter projects coming?

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  2. Hi
    Received my new fuel system and starting the install tonight.
    Running late but what the heck!!
  3. Finished painting the intake.
    Used VHT wrinkle plus rattle can.
    Not perfect,but came out alright.


    Pulled the t5 to replace the tailshaft bushing and seal.


    Broke the reverse syncro in the process.


    Cannibalized a v6 t5 I had laying around to fix it.


    Got that all wrapped up.
    Next on the list,
    Replace the rear u joint,replace tie rod end,paint the lower intake and "powered by ford" valve covers.
    Just got the new part for the reverse syncro in today.
    Putting the v6 t5 back together tomorrow,and up for sale on the CL.
  4. Reviving the post from the dead since I started it. Though winters a memory here in the Northeast, my cars still more or less in winter hibernation. Sold the turbo kit after weighing the pros and cons and realizing the emissions portion of it wasn't worth it. Would have lost the smog pump, EGR and cats doing that kit and I get tail piped every two years. Thinking at the time that I was happy just driving my car... yeah right... I sold the kit and bought a Wrangler to occupy most of my free time. At least, whatever isn't already occupied by the one year old and the two jobs....
    But now that I drove my car for the first time, I've got the bug again. Not to mention I'm sick of hearing how "fast" my coworkers Probe is with the turbo in it. Instead of turbos however, I'm going back to the original plan from when I first started this post two winters ago. Kenne Bell. Going with the standard inlet since the Flowzilla eliminates the egr, figure I'll go ten pounds with all the supporting foundation to get there. Still have some of the accessories from the turbo days, (injectors, head studs, cometic gaskets, etc) so leaves me with less to buy this time around. Selling my quads to finance the SC itself since I'm too impatient to save and I don't want to drain my bank accoutns in case something comes up. I'll keep updating for anyone that's still following the thread even though it isn't winter. Interested to see how everyones projects from over the winter came out if anyone wants to chime in. Havent been on the boards for a few months so Im out of the loop.
  5. Kenne Bell with Flowzilla manifolds just showed up today. Finally. Just waiting on the forged rods to come in. Block is already back from the machine shop. Should start coming together pretty quickly. Might even get to start it before the winter comes.