How Bad Are Tires Hurtin Me?

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  1. Tracked my car for the first time ever. Sure its not just those either but anywho. Guess I'll start with the mod list. Trickflow 75 mm tb and plenum, bbk cai, o/r x-pipe, flowmaster mufflers, Excedy clutch and flywheel, H and R springs, tokico blues, Welded in sfc's and Upr rca's with spherical bushings, 3.90 gears, sct tuner and some sumitomo 285's on 18's . I only made 2 passes at 2k launches felt like it fell on its face a little at the start then hittin 2nd was almost the same amount of spin i'd get on the street. I was runnin 2.213 and a 2.215 60 ft's which I know isn't to hot and my trap speeds were 100 mph each pass at a 14.3. Weather was about 90 degrees and it rained about 3 or 4 hours before track time but any advice or input would be great. I think I got to many mods for those crappy track times.
  2. Those tires are about the worst tires for hooking. There is a lot to it, and you can do it with practice. Some normal 245-17's will actually hook better. Ask tank_567 who runs really well on street tires, practice is your best friend. Personally, with your power level gearing and 5 speed, I'd look at some stock wheels for the rears and run a 245-17 R compound tire. An R compound will help you get some consistency in all track conditions, especially with a 5 speed. Another thing, is your shocks/struts. I ran the tokico blues on 2 of my 2v mustangs. They are really stiff and at your power level, the best 60ft I could get was a 1.79 if I remember on Nittos.

    Good luck, and keep at it. You will get there!
  3. Appreciate the input, I've considered trading out my 18's I got the 10th anni cobra replicas and theyre pretty heavy for what they are compared to the stock bullit wheels. If I choose to run a 315 in the rear would I need to remove the quad shocks? or would doing so hurt me more?
  4. Honestly, keep those wheels/tires for the street. You can pick up a set of cheap 97-04 17x8 wheels for cheap at a junkyard from a stang and just swap the rears for track duty in 5-10 minutes. You can also run a 275 drag radial on them. I only run 275-295 17 inch drag radials up to 1000hp and have many 1.4-1.5 60ft and trapped 118ish in the 1/8 and 145-150mph in the 1/4 and junkyard heavy wheels. You don't need a wide tire... compound, sidewall and working the clutch are best for consistency.
  5. dude, i used to have 315 sumitomo's on my car and it wouldnt stick to anything. i just put a set of nitto 555r's on my car and it is a night and day difference. i have not had it to the track yet, but i suspect that when i do, it is going to be a monster. i managed to cut a 1.8 60 ft on the sumi's once. so needless to say, i am very excited to see what the nitto's will do.
  6. Tires are killing you, 2.2 60' is horrible!!! especially with control arms and sfc, put some decent tires on it and 1.7-1.8 60' will be possible, and do the math 1/10 in the 60' is worht 2/10 in the quarter, i believe on a good pass you could pull off a 13.60-13.90.
  7. Guess I'll start with tire's first see what I can get :p probably won't run again until September but that'll give me some time to research the tires a good bit. Also with my set up is a 2k launch to mild? or should I bump it up a tad maybe 2500ish rpms or do track conditions and what not play to much of a variable and is something I need to kinda feel it out for myself. I will say I was jealous of the other 2v gt out there with a 137k on the motor dumpin a 125 shot to his car runnin 12.6 on drag radials with a 1.9 60 ft he claimed as well track wasn't worth a flip but I wouldn't mind a 12.6 pass :p.
  8. Actually heres my slips foundem in the car after work.

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