How 'Bout Them CANES?

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  1. As if anyone cares, lol. I know there are several Canadians on here .... so maybe so. Only in the past couple of years have I been into hockey .... and I think it is awesome. I hope to see the Hurricane's finish off the series with NJ tomorrow at 3:00 pm. Cam Ward is the man.


  2. hell yea buddy! I have been into the Canes since the 2000 season. I go to numerous home games every year, and I went to game 2 vs the devils monday night. My god, when Staal scored with 3 seconds left, I have never been anywhere that loud, I couldnt hear myself screaming at the top of my lungs!!!!! I almost fell off the mezanine from slapping hands with everyone within a 10 foot radius of me. I think that game was the apex of sporting events for the rest of my life, unbelievable does not even begin to describe it, neither does hockey orgasm, which is what I had! haha, excellent game, Canes up 3-0, here's to 4-0 :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

    GO CANES!!!!!!!

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  3. I've only been priveleged to make it to 1 of their games. :( Raleigh is 3 hours from me! :mad:

    Here's to 4-0 ..... :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  4. you can bet your ass I will be there for at least one of the Conference finals, when and if (hockey is a superstitious sport) we make it.
  5. were getting stomped. looks like I will be making the trip to raleigh tommorow.
  6. As long as NJ and Colorado are out then I'm happy. I was hoping the Senators would make it to the cup, but down 3-1 in a series I don't see that happening. The San Jose and Edmonton is a great matchup and is a lot of fun to watch.
  7. hemsky FTW :D
  8. Cam Ward is the reason my Montreal Canadian's aren't walking to the cup....

    We owned you guys through all but one of those games, and Cam Ward took everything away...

    Bastards! Ah well....:nice:
  9. I live in downtown San Jose, walking distance from the Shark Tank, :rlaugh:

    Anyone in their right mind and in my position would be a fool not to take advantage of going to any/all games
  10. the candiens? we spanked the Habs starting in game 3. Face it, the habs wouldnt be in the conference finals even if they did beat us. New Jersey would have pwnt them.
  11. Hockey rules, and those Ric Flair pics are great :lol: You can just see him WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOing
  12. Spanked? I would hardly call 1 goal games "spanked"...comparing them to the 6-1 opener on the side of the habs...

    However, my point was, the Canes' were outplayed and outchanced by the Canadien's twofold (statistics don't lie).....the only reason Carolina beat Montreal is because Cam Ward held the fort like his family was hiding in there, if they'd left in the other guy, the series would have been over in 4
  13. your probably right, but who would be stupid enough to leave Gerber in after a 6-1 loss, then getting scored on twice in 5 minutes in the first period, he just wasnt hot, it was time to pull him. Ill admit the series wit the habs was a bit more nerveracking than jersey. As much as the refs screwed us in this series though Im surprised we won, especially in 5 games; Im glad Brodeur choked though.

    And thank god the red wings are out, those bastards; my least favorite team right there.
  14. Frickin' Canes, I HATE THEM TO DEATH. They ****ing eliminated our Montreal Habs, I hate it when a market where no one knows a crap about hockey goes to the semi-finals, some cities deserves it more :mad:
  15. Not true my friend. A lot of people are pretty stupid about hockey here, and come out of the wordwork once the playoffs start (every playoff game after game 5 of the first round has COMPLETLEY sold out, to the point where I couldnt even find any scalpers with tickets), but remember, Hockey is a new venture down here, and its actually being supported quite well. A lot of our fans that lack knowledge will most definetly gain some knowledge the more they watch. As for me, I am not one of those hockey know-nothings of which your stereotypical beliefs about tobacco road claim. I in fact have been watching the NHL for the past 17 years, back when we were the Hartford Whalers, even though I hated the Whalers back then; my point being, I actually know about hockey, and so do a lot of people down here, and thanks to our playoff success and trip to the finals in '02, many more are catching on, and learning about the game and the ins and outs. Take a look at our market too, the market is not the po-dunk farm towns of rural NC; the market is Raleigh, and its outlying suburbs such as Cary and Apex. Raleigh is a city with over 500,000 people, hell my university alone in the city limits has 30,000 students. Cary an Apex cary the upper-class suburban demographic, many of which fuel the jobs in one the biggest technological areas in the US, Reasearch Triangle Park, this park brings in rich and smart people, and hell even some candians too :canada: . This is the demographic the Canes play to, not the rural crowd, so before you make stereotypical assumptions about the Canes and our fanbase, do some research. :Zip2:

    I wish the Habs the best of luck next year, and the Canes the best of luck this year!

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  16. ^

    Dude, our local sports channel went up there and asked a bunch of americans on the sidewalks downtown Raleight what team the hurricanes were playing first round and nobody knew who they were playing and some didnt even knew what the hurricanes were.... someone even said "Sorry i font follow basketball..."
  17. I heard about that as well, but as with any survey, results can be skewed by who is presenting them. Maybe they walked around the part of downtown where the hobos are, or just showed the people that dont know because they want to make us look bad. because trust me, if you walk around during the day when the state government offices are in business you would find most everyone knew who the canes are, and have probably watched some games if not been to a few, and follow the team. Raleigh is not a market that does not know about or not appreciate hockey, we have some of the most die hard fans in the league.
  18. Well, I live 3 hours from Raleigh .... everyone I know DOES know who the Cane's are. They're very popular around here. They're not all fans ... but they sure know who they are. I primarily work in Charlotte (larger than Raleigh) ... and they're known VERY well there.

    Now ... let's see those Sabre's go down ...
  19. Tied at 2. Carolina will probably take this series. Gerber is back & is playing awesome. Total shutout tonight .... 4-0.

    Go Cane's!