How 'Bout Them CANES?

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  1. hey justin, speaking of Rocky Mount, do you go there for natl guard stuff? if so, there is this guy that I graduated HS with in the guard here in Rocky Mount, and hes the biggest toolbag ever, he lies through his teeth about stuff; for example when he got back from basic he told everyone that he whipped 3 different drill sergeants' asses. Anyone with armed forces experience or knowledge knows that kind of thing dosent happen without some disciplinary action, or a reciprocating ass whipping, my dad told me about when he was a DI and recruits would challenge them so they would kick those guys asses. anyway, long story short this guy is a class A douche who likes to make things up. If you ever run across him in your Guard career, his name is Mikey Duke, I think hes a PFC right now, so if you see him you should make him do some pushups or run some laps or something.
  2. I am a Sergeant .... so that can be arranged .... hehe. And you're right, that stuff doesn't fly with DI's. No one dare looks at them ..... let alone whoops their @$$.

    Unfortunately, there are a handfull of guys like that in with us. They don't last long, though. I've never heard of the guy .... but I only work there every once in a while.

    Yeah, I set up displays there sometimes with our Hummvee and/or Biffle car. Like high schools & stuff. Last time I was there, I believe I worked a Lee Greenwood concert at Wesleyan College.

    Go Cane's! Aaron, you suck! :D
  3. I am going to root for both teams because if we get a game 7 that just means more hockey to watch :nice: But seriously I think Edmonton is going to win, I think they have the better team. I just hope that they havent lost any momentem during this downtime.
  4. :lol: :rlaugh: :D

    Agreed on the previous "disciplinary actions" comment....up here, there's plenty of privates that can kick our higher guys asses in a physical fight (there's some big young'uns out there), but they wouldn't dare try, since human rights and all those other things are such a priority and concern now

    the old army ways still exist, but are very few and far between, not sure if it's the same down there, but things have changed....and guys that run their mouth like that usually end up becoming known throughout as morons, and that should follow them through their career as need be..
  5. so far, no good.
  6. Looks like I spoke too soon :D
  7. ouch, replacement goaltender GIVES the game away.....that's gotta be bad for confidence
  8. Smythe whiffed on clearing it out from behind the net, it's his fault just as much.
  9. I'm going to retract my statement of Edmonton winning the series. Unless Roloson is back 100% by game 2. Ward and Roloson are to key to eather team for them to lose. I would have rather seen it go into OT and Carolina win on a nice play than that. I feel robbed of a good overtime.
  10. agreed with the previous two statements...

    but still.....grrr
  11. To be fair, Cam Ward almost gave up a goal with the same exact play, only he was able to scramble back and pull a save outta his ass.

    If you didn't see, McTavish did a post-game interview and said Roloson will be out for the series. Of course, that's to be seen before it's a worry, but that's what he said.
  12. I missed that interview, well then I do believe Carolina will win it. Goaltending is crucial with these two teams. The ward one was different though, Brindamore was right there already skating around and no edmonton guy had control of the puck. In the Ward play, he was fighting to keep control cause he realized he was in trouble, that delay helped his D get down there. Still Ward made some INCREDIBLE saves, Roloson made some great ones too but it sure is a shame he wont be able to play.
  13. I didn't even notice Roloson was gone, I must've run to get food. When did they pull him?

    I hope he comes back, it'll liven up the series. Or at least I hope one of the backups steps up and holds down the fort. I hate to see blowouts. I'm rooting for Carolina but I still want to see good hockey. I just love it. I don't even mind when my teams lose, just as long as the play was great!
  14. hey, I will take the win however it comes, but then again I am biased, however Cam Ward made some ENORMOUS saves, I think you are going to see him as one of the premier goaltenders in the league in the coming years.
  15. go oilers!!!!
  16. I agree that the goal on Ty Conklin was Smith's fault. Ty took the blame for it .... but it's Smith's fault because he stumbled when he got the puck, and never really had control.

    I DISAGREE on the opinions that the Oilers are out since Roly is out. Their defense was keeping Carolina away from the net so much, that Roly was pretty much just chillin' during the 1st & 2nd. If their defense stays that way, and doesn't lose confidence without him, they still have just as much of a chance as they did before. They scored with a penalty shot, so I think they're having some descent luck, lol.

    Oh, and I would say this whether Carolina won or not. Mick McGeough NEEDS TO BE FIRED! He called EVERYHTHING for Edmonton ..... but decided to "ignore" alot of the things that would have went in Carolina's favor. What a biased S.O.B.
  17. Whoops ....

    Go Cane's!
  18. It's Smith and Conklins fault because it was clearly a communication problem. Conklin should have been aware of who was around him before he dumped the puck behind him. Smith should have let him know, Smith never had control of the puck so it's not like he lost it to Brindamore. The puck was passed into his skates and it bounced out. Smith also should not have been that close to Conklin unless he let him know he was there. I'm still rooting for Edmonton, I just don't think they will win it. Anyways I agree with mansonozz as long as they are great games, hopefully a 7 game series I'll be happy. I just would rather see the game end on a great goal than a fluke mistake. The refs did seem to go a little tougher on Carolina with the penalties hopefully that won't be the case throughout the series.
  19. Damn I dont think were gonna do that good without the man in net :(

  20. yes, it's clear why Mr. MAGOO has never officiated a finals game before, he is the real life personification of the cartoon Mr. Magoo, cant see a damn thing, please go away Mr. McGeough, please?