How 'Bout Them CANES?

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  1. 5-0 total shutdown. 2 more to go.
  2. Yeah, the oilers broke down. Carolina was doing wonders on the powerplay, that goal by Weight was probably a cm away from not being a goal I really thought he kicked it in. Larocce or whatever his name is should have gotten a game misconduct that was a blatant attempt at injury completely uncalled for. The Oilers powerplay was pathetic, yes carolina is great on the pk but come on even when they did set themselves up (rarely) they were too busy passing as opposed to shooting. You will never score if you dont take the shot even if its blocked by the D you get something going. Not to mention they made some passes that would have have been nice one timers but either the pass was just a little off or the person receiving wanted to hold it and set themselves up properly. Your not going to catch Ward by just taking a shot it's going to be on the rebounds, and not the first or second because he is quite good.

    I love how the OLN announcers act like it's a mystery why the Oilers lost game 1. *Cough* *Cough* Roloson *Cough* *Cough* The Oilers lost any chance they had at the cup when they lost him, they same would be said if that happened to Carolina. You can't win the cup rotating between your 2nd and 3rd string goalies. While the goalies are not entirley to blame, it's more the fact that if Roloson was in net I think he would have saved a few of those goals.

    I don't care who wins I just want it to go to 7 games.
  3. I want to see 7 games, too. But I want the Cane's to win. :D

    I think Edmonton did a descent job ... their biggest problem was DISCIPLINE. I know things intensified late in the 3rd, but all throughout the game they were giving the power play to Carolina. And I think Jussi did better than they expected.

    And that dude you're referring to .... he DID get ejected, right? Or was that just because the 5:00 penalty was longer than was left in the game? :shrug:
  4. I just looked on the play by play by espn and saw....
    16:44 Edmonton Penalty to Georges Laraque 5 minutes for Boarding Andrew Ladd
    16:44 Edmonton Penalty to Georges Laraque 10 minutes for Game Misconduct(opposing player not identified)

    I thought he just got a 5 minute major and they tossed him cause of the time left. Thats good because if he gets the 10 minute major that late in this game doesnt that mean he can't play in game 3 or he can't for the first x minutes or whatever. I hope so because it just pissed me off that much. Edmonton needs to pick up their physical game too, they played physical but it was mostly penalties not good hard clean hits. Carolina did a good job with that.
  5. Okay, yeah, he got a GM. I also wonder if it will carry over to the next game ..... I hope so, because that was rediculous.

    I also wanted to say earlier that the goal by Weight was totally legit. If you noticed the angle they aired from above, the puck hit his skate. Then he kind of kicked it up .... but it hit his stick just before it entered the net. The on-ice angle did not let you see that, though.
  6. Yeah I saw it after the replay but at first I thought he kicked it in. It was sooo close.
  7. that is why doug weight is the man. I was at this game tonight, it was wonderful. The play by the Canes could have been better, the Oilers just didnt play tonight; but hey, a 5-0 shutout, Ill take it anyway it comes.

    As for the game misconduct, Im about 99% sure that none of tha carries over to the next game, unfortunatley. I was pissed as hell when I saw it, and glad to see his sorry ass get booted out of the game. Best part, the small contingency of Edmonton fans that showed were nowhere near the toolbags that all those sabres fans were. Im looking forward to hopefully winning the stanley cup, I would like it in 5 games so we win at home, then just have riots in Raleigh, more specifically Hillsborough Street across from campus, like bonfires and stuff, like UNC does when they win a national title. It would be marvelous.
  8. Just in case anyone else gets confused .... tonight's game (3) will be on NBC instead of OLN. 8:00 p.m. EST.
  9. I missed game 3 :( It was the 21st so partying was a greater priority than watching the game.
  10. Party & watch the game at the same time!!!

    Carolina leading series 3-1 now. This series might not make it back to Alberta.

    Go Cane's!
  11. thats right, riots in the streets of raleigh tommorow night!
  12. I hope the Canes all go blind from masterbating...
  13. Maybe they'll go blind from the reflection in the Cup...

  14. Yep ... because they're the only one's that are going to get close enough to do it. :D
  15. ....silence.....

    :( hate to say it, but it very well may be true

    :flag: 1
    :canada: 0
  16. SUDDEN DEATH in game 5!!!
  17. I didn't catch who it was that GAVE them the turnover .... but WTF was he doing? He just barely tapped the puck & expected someone to get it.

    Oh well, the Oilers were a different team tonight & I have to give them all the credit they deserve. They were extraordinary. I have to eat my words, lol ... back to :canada: it is.

    :flag: :canada:
  18. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on 7 game series, and lets go Edmonton!!!!!!!!!

  19. Who?

    Haha, j/k. I just saw the replay and it was Cory Stillman that gave it to Pisani. Totally bad play. :shrug:
  20. Yeah that was a poor pass. I noticed the oilers let the hurricanes gather in front of the net too much. The D needs to push them out or at least fight for the position in front of the goalie so that he is not being screened. Also the Oilers need to be fighting for position in front of the net, but then again I have always been a firm believer in playing a crashing the net style of offense. Oh well looks like we got some more Hockey on our hands and that's all that really matters to me. :D