How can I figure out whats causing Car to redline at 6000rpms??

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by SWTMUSTANGMAN, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. I eventually took my cobra to ford to have it professionally diagnosed. They scanned it and found out my problem was my computer thought the motor was a GT, so I had them reflash it. Cost me $160 bucks to have it scanned and reflashed. They also told me which injector was leaking. They helped out more than I thought they would. Give your local SVT dealer a shot.
  2. i kinda have the same problem but a little different, mine cuts out at 6100 always, but once it his 6100 its cuts out completely, the same feeling when you hit the rev limiter, and then after half a second, it comes back and hit 6100 almost immediatly and does it again.
  3. I know that this post is old but I am having the same problem has anyone found the fix for this please help!!!
  4. My 96 cobra has this same problem too, I think it has to be the computer because I don't know what else would make it hit the rev limiter so low. It sounds exactly, 100% like your hitting the rev limiter. Mines even worse than what you guys are describing cuz mine kicks in at about 5700 rpm. I would think if it was a misfire it would still pull past the 5700 rpm, just a little bit slower, mine doesn't throw any codes either. I'm going to try to get it tuned in a week or so and see if that fixes it.
  5. Sometimes mine pulls like it's supposed to, sometimes it stops at 6000.
  6. same here, yesterday it pulled fine
  7. wow, having the same issue with my 98 cobra as everyone is describing. It's supercharged and sometimes pulls to 6900 and other times quits at 6000 like it's hitting a rev limiter. Happens in all gears. New coils, wires, plugs didn't help. Tune is spot on, a little rich, but this is driving me crazy. Anyone have success with fixing this?
  8. Well, know this isn't the most helpful post, but I have a 98, with about 80k now and I don't have the problem at all. I have not deleted anything, I use 92 octane gas and use lucas fuel treatment on every fill, done this ever since I bought it, custom Diablosport tune. I'm going to do more port work as I get the money, so I have better flow in the heads as well. Have done all the scheduled maint. on time. I will say it sure ran better after the tune, I'm sure all know that already though, since that's why we do it. Oh, new e3 plugs and wires. Have you all googled this problem yet or askjeeves etc...
  9. Anyone figure this out. I still have the exact same issues. Just changed the fr regulator and that didn't help. Right around 5800-6100 it feels like a rev limiter, sometimes it will pull clean past 6000