how can i get 600-650 rwhp on this car??

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  1. my new years resolution is to make this 2003 gt have 600-650 rwhp by the end of 2004. its a every day driven car and i want to keep it that way. exept for maybe couple weeks to install blower and all my other mods that im going to need any suggestions??? well here is the car wish me luck ill keep you all informed. oohh another thing i want 600-650 safe on the engine rwhp.[​IMG]
  2. 302+ stroker with forged internals
    big poweradder
    alot of $$$
  3. I think a K&N Air Filter will do the trick.
  4. Funny you ask this as my car is currently in peices getting the treatment in hopes of 600 rwhp. Actually there's a few of us on another site headed for this thanks to Tim at T&J. As stated above more displacement (of course all forged), ported heads, cams, ported intake, lts & full exhaust, power adder (T Trim, Novi 2000, D1, Turbo), built fuel system, a good tuner, and some $. It can be done. :nice:
  5. yep, 4.6 stoked to 5.0 even maybe 5.3L..forged internals...KB with 14 psi boost :)...
    better get a good supsension/good tires too
    be ready to fork some serious $$$
  6. ooohh im ready to fork out cash

    i only got $6,000 to fork out tho i hope it will be enough. :rolleyes:
  7. 6k will not be enough, but for the 6k if you are going to sink it into your car, I would suggest a power adder and some good suspension modifications and you can out run some healthy competition at the track and on the street.
  8. ok heres the list

    stroker kit
    forged internals
    fuel system
    worked heads and valves
    ported or custom intake
    full exhaust
    boosted s-trim, novi 2000, turbo
    alot of boltons

    big $ tune
  9. x 4 maybe. No way your'e gonna' do it and it live for $6k. That'll barely buy a power adder and a tune. Better rethink things a little and start saving. :nice:
  10. so

    how far rwhp wise do you think my little $6,000 will get me i was hopeing atleast 500 rwhp, something but now that i see all your mods im thiking that i will probably only get to about 400 rwhp if im lucky thanks for your inputs i guess i better get a secound job so i can accomplish my goal i can still do it!!! :nice:
  11. For that $ your'e still gonna' be on stock internals and although there are plenty of us that have made well over 400 rwhp I tend to think of that as the grey area. I would suggest the cobra killer kit from T&J Performance as that will make the power you want and with a few other things will also use up your $6k. As stated above, you need to remember that you can have all the power in the world but without suspension work to support it you'll be spinning your wheels as the awd imports go flying by. Good luck. :)
  12. thanks micool

    i been to his site atleast 70 times the last couple months but his kits aren't very discriptive. i was wondering wich one of the 3 types you would recommend. i see he has a vortech a novi and one other one wich one would be the best how about kenny bell blowzilla is that not a good supercharger. i seen cobra put down 600+ with the blowzilla was wondering wouldn't that be close in my car???
  13. cool i just realized i've graduated

    to stallion cool.
  14. I dont think you realize what you are asking for. First of all, have you ever driven a car with even 400RWHP? If not, then you really need to because I think you will realize that is enough power for right now. Second of all, $4k will get you a blower and tune that along with bolt ons should put you around 400RWHP fairly safely. But then I would highly suggest getting a built block, because if you go much higher than 400RWHP, odds are you will probably throw a rod. A good block from DSS is about $3k+ to be able to handle the power you are wanting to make. And you have not even begun to think of the cost of installation. So that right there puts you above your budget. My suggestion would be this...

    1. Get the KB 9psi intercooled kit for $4700 or Cobra Killer's Vortech/Paxton kit for about $3900 and buy an intercooler, or go through HP for their turbo kit. I say this because once summer comes around and your are running that hot air through an even hotter s/c, or turbo, detonation is bound to happen eventually. That will put you around 400RWHP for either one of those kits. See how you like it, then put the rest of that money away for a new short block and start saving.

    The good thing about the KB or turbo is you will hit boost sooner, and it will feel like you are faster than you really are due to ALOT more low end TQ than the Cobra Killer kit. But you will probably be happy with either kit.
  15. Go here and ask the man himself. Just start your own thread and ask him whatever you want and he'll respond.

    Mongoose Supercharger
  16. ooohh okay

    i have never driven a 400rwhp car the most hp i myself have ever had is probably what im driving now wich is about 230 rwhp im guessing 2003 5speed mustng gt. can you feel a big diffrence in driving a 230rwhp car to a 400 rwhp car im guessing no that is why i want 600-650 rwhp i know i will defenatly feel the diffrence then. but then i could be wrong i have never driven 400 rwhp so i guess you are right i better just get blown first and get to 400 and see how i like it then if i dont ill go for 600-650 rwhp but im guessing its probably a blast to be able to drive something with 600+ ponies under the hood that is why i want one.
  17. Some valid points but some inaccuracies as well. Tons of us making well over 400 rwhp on stock motors. 437 rwhp/404 rwtq for me. Not to say that it won't blow up any day but it can with 350 rwhp too. I am an advocate of intercoolers but when I went from a procharger (intercooled obviously) to a vortech (non ic) my inlet temps didn't increase at all so yes intercoolers are fine but not exactly necessary at 400 rwhp imo. Detonation is an ugly thing but with a good tune you can just about get rid of it. Summer or winter doesn't matter. As a matter of fact in the winter as the air gets cooler obviously the boost pressure will increase making the possibility of popping a motor even greater. The key is the tune.
  18. The difference between a 230 rwhp car and a 300 rwhp is huge, much less the difference between a 230 rwhp and a 400 rwhp car. The difference is unreal. Just be careful.
  19. If you've never driven anything with over 230rwhp and make the jump to 600+rwhp, you will die. Also, if you end up with "only" 400rwhp and can't tell the difference over stock, you need to be a fighter pilot, because no car will be good enough. Just get a blower and exhaust. Start there and you will not regret it, except for all of the speeding tickets. :D
  20. Good Luck!!!