how can i get 600-650 rwhp on this car??

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  1. for 6k get a forged motor and a NOS Noszle kit and jet it for a 300 shot
  2. well

    so pretty good advise but im not messing with nos or any type of spray device. i seen what they do to and engine. and me i would use it daily their for its not a good combination for me to use it.
  3. hard consider my mods "light" compared to some of the others who frequent this board. :rlaugh:
  4. I feel as though I'm chimming in a bit late on this thread, but none the less, here's my .02 cents.....
    If you have $6000 to work with, I would go one of two rountes.
    1) purchase one of the Mongoose kits (Novi 2000 or Vortech T trim) from T&J Performance along with an intercooler. Nice tune and you have an easy 400+ rwhp.
    2) build a forged shortblock, add cams and perhaps minor port work (pushing the funds now) and plan for the future, adding the S/C later.

    If you go route #2, you would be looking at 500 rwhp with "minor" head work. Save enough $$$ for a set of Stage 3 heads, headers, and a nice intake (RR or P51) and you THEN my friend will be looking at your original goal of 600+.

    Sorry to break it to you, but it take $$$$. I went off the deep end with my setup, which you don't have to do, but I had a goal in mind and I'm GOING to achieve it with the helpful knowledge from the guys at T&J.

    Oh..... and a little secret. You don't HAVE to have a stroker to achieve 600+ :D
  5. 600+ hp with a 2V 4.6L is a hell of a lot of hp. Like just about everyone else told you 6000 is not going to be enough. You might get 600hp with it but your going to snap that stock rearend in a second. A good 9 inch will cost you about 2000 and if I were you would go with a splindel, that will make for hard day to day driveing. Your also looking at a new trans. That stock T-45 will not last more then one or two missed shifts. I know that autos are no fun but I would tell you C-4. I've got a 99 GT with about 300 rwhp and it fells like nothing. My friend has a 93 GT that runs 7.90 @ 157. He is in the NSCA and he says that that fells slow (but it hurts like hell when he pulls the shoot). No matter how fast you go your going to want to go faster. The faster you go the more it will cost and the faster you go the more stuff will break. If you have never been in a 400hp car then I'm guessing that you have not work on many of them. Your looking at very high installaion bills to put a blower on your car and even higher bills to fix stuff when it breaks, and stuff will break. Your best bet is to go to the track or look on line and find someone that is selling a motor. You can buy a 600hp motor for less then 1/2 what it will cost you to build one. If you really want to use a 4.6L mod. motor then check out This guy is the best at the mod. motor and they have some really nice kits for the 4.6L.
    Hope you get that 600hp. If it were me I would get there 6.0L mod. motor and build it from scrach your going to get 600hp faster and stuff will break less. I think that the 4.6L is nice for about 450 but if you want 600 your going to have to more or less rebuild the hole thing any way. Theres no replacement for displacment. Good luck.
  6. Funny how everyone wants a 600+ hp car and daily drive it.

    I can tell you going from a 270rwhp bolt car to what i have now was not cheap.

    Like everyone else has said. 6k isnt gonna come close.You have to do the whole combo or you willbe in the shop more than on the street.
    Witha high hp motor ,comes a tranny to hold it,clutch to hold it,safety equipment(bellhousing and such).Building the chassis and rear to hold that kind of power.It can be done but its not cheap.The only way it can be cheaper is if you do all your own work.
  7. how fast is 400rwhp on a 2v? can the car run low 12's and trap 117mph? or am i pushing it?
  8. With the right suspension ive seen 400rwhp cars go 11's
  9. i just purchased a 02 gt 5spd...would it of been a better choice to wait and find a 4v?does the 4v have a huge advantage over a 2v when modifying?
  10. Don't forget about the driveline.. A Mustang with a stock driveline and that kind of power will be dead quickly. New transmission and rearend to go along with all the go fast stuff.

    600 RWHP for a daily driven car? I hope you have buckets of money and a beater car. No way in hell it will be reliable enough for daily commutes to work and back for 100k miles. Just throw on a Steeda tuned Vortech or Novi package and call it a day. You really do not NEED that much more.
  11. It likes mods better, yes.....but you can still reach the same results with the 2V by spending a little bit more
  12. any bosting 100hp over stock and id quit on the engine and get the rest of the car ready first. t-5 trannys used to have a tendency to snap back in the days before we got the t-56's (the viper trany one), so Id get a good trany, alluminum drive shaft, final drive gears, and some heavyer splined axcells (im suprised they have not been mentioned be fore this).
  13. check out for their built Tremec transmissions. 31/33 spline rar end would be good as well
  14. Ummm, YEAH!!!!

    Right now, on my 03 GT 5 speed, I can pretty much hammer the throttle and speed shift all the way up through the gears. The tires have a lot to do with that, but still. My friends hit the throttle with the T&J Cobra Killer kit and can spin the tires all day long. It actually takes some skill to be able to track straight and not slip too much... Plus T&J's tune has over 700 cars out making approx. 400+ HP and has not lost a motor yet...

    Also, with even just 400HP you will have trouble putting it on the ground. You have to look at torque boxes, welded tubes, subframe connectors, control arms, better axles, tires and wheels.

  15. Well i dont have 600rwhp.But mines has been rock soild reliable .I have drove it to bowling green and raced and drove her home .Ive taken out of state three times,And drive her when the weather is nice(back and forth to work is 100+ miles).She pulls down 20+mpg on the hwy.So with the right stuff it can be reliable.
  16. just put a Kenne Bell Blower 9 lb kit intercooled on top of it..

    You'll be fine. Trust me you will notice a difference
  17. Sell the GT.
    Buy a beater.
    6k+whatever is left after buying the beater and selling the GT=use on a fox body that already has an engine in it and mod that.
  18. I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion, huh?...

    Point being, you have ALOT of choices. Its just going to take $$$$