How can I get a vehicle service (OASIS) report quickly?


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Mar 11, 2010
I am strongly considering purchasing a magnificent 2017 Mustang GT Premium with PP with almost $16k miles. I've already agreed to terms with a Ford dealer and am scheduled to take delivery (and surrender my trade-in) tomorrow (Wed). However, after carefully reviewing the Autocheck report (happily supplied by the dealer), although there are no outright alarms on the report, I've come across a couple items that have me concerned.

It turns out that this 2.5 year old vehicle has already had 2 owners. The 1st owner had it for 1.5 years and 11k miles. The 2nd owner had it for 1 year and 5k miles. That's the 1st item of concern. The 2nd concerning item is that it looks like the car was at an auction (looks like a dealer auction) in between the 2 owners.

How does a 1 year old vehicle with 11k miles in immaculate condition end up at an auction? If it went back to a dealer, wouldn't they have put it on their own lot? And why does it seem like 2 people have given up on this car in such a short span of time?

Maybe I'm reading too much into the report. The car is in fantastic condition and runs/drive great (altho I couldn't really push it since it has summer tires mounted and it was 20 degrees out so it was like driving on wet glass).

I'd like to check the car's service history for peace of mind. And I'd prefer to get it from an independent source as opposed to the dealership selling it.

Any advice/suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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Mar 11, 2010
Sorry - think I posted this in the wrong forum. Hopefully moderator can move it to the General Talk forum. Sorry about that
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Apr 15, 1999
Bloomfield, CT
My 2016 was in perfect condition when I returned it at the end of its lease. It only had 20,000 miles in 3 years and I really took care of it. The dealer told me that Ford wanted too much for it for them to buy and sell it so they sent it to the auction.


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Mar 2, 2015
Repossessions also go to the dealer auction. They are owned by the lender not the particular dealership.