How can I make my car faster?

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  1. Its already been done. :nonono:
  2. anyone with a part number for the aluminum driveshaft for the 1993 frame?

    IWill be applied to a T5 and either 7.5 or 8.8 with 3.73:1 full possi
  3. Change to a large roller cam, put an electric drive on your water pump,ditch the power steering, but to get any real gains you are gonna have to pull that head and work it over.
  4. Dude, why did you resurrect an almost 6 month old thread to ask about that? The driveshafts are right in Summit's catalog. sheesh.
  5. Interesting to see Bhuff's hp estimations back then and see his sig now. "I don't want to touch the head." :lol:

  6. Possi? Well at least you used the search function.
  7. yes I did use the search and that is why I specified 8.8 rear becuase you stated the one he had a part number for is for the 7.5 rear so I was looking for one to go with the 8.8 rear.

    The young padawan is still learning from the Jedi Knights be patient. Obi Wan......
  8. Same for both rears...
  9. :lol: How quickly things change.
    I am set up for a 75 shot of N20, and I have a spare NA head begging to be ported.
    Hmmmmmm... Mill the head .120, port it, .100 longer valves and a reground ranger roller. :drool:
    Send donations now.
    I still wonder how accurate that dyno was.....
  10. Great that will give me more time to work before I have to get the 8.8
  11. How do you guys get posi's in the rear end?
  12. Limited slip differentials use various mechanisms to allow normal differential action when going around turns. When a wheel slips, they allow more torque to be transferred to the non-slipping wheel.

    PosiTraction transfers torque from the wheel that slips to the wheel that grips. Actually, both wheels turn together; it's just that one tire slips while the other one bites in.
    here is a link basically you drop this into the rear
  13. I have a Sure-Grip in mine
  14. I havent see Sure grip do you have a link?