How can I make this work...

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  1. Okay, I want to keep the intake on there now, but I want to remove the air box underneath as well as that hose and air silencer, but if I remove the hose, I'll lose gas mileage and I wont pass emission controls...any suggestions or remedies? Or should I just put the stock intake back on? :shrug:
  2. Just yank it all and toss it. The hose that runs from the exhaust manifold to the air box doesn't do anything anyway.
  3. But I won't pass emission controls with it like that will I? And won't I lose gas mileage?
  4. keep the box, put it back in when its time to smog, no it wont affect gasmilage.
  5. You don't need the box anyways if you have the intake it's just taking space.
    the little tin hose is your early style of a preheater hose for cold starts. Really useless for fuel injections.
    Regardless none of that crap will effect your emmissions. I lived in maryland and had anescort with header,intake etc. and passed emissions with flying colors
    As long as you get the three components right air fuel and fire your good to go!!
  6. im hoping that thats not a 91-93 car though, just something i cant help but wonder and yeah, passing emmisions is usually not a problem if your car is in good long as they dont do a site test or have something that is against non-oem equipment

  7. uh that hose is ONLY open when its really cold and your engine is not warm. so it doesn't do jack **** if your engine is operating at regular temperatures, which is when they run the emissions tests. that hose is NOT an EGR which you may think it is. it is just a hose that takes heat off of the exhaust manifold and routes it to the intake air, so that the air going into the engine is slightly warmer, on a really cold day. The only time it would effect your gas mileage is when the engine is cold, which your gas mileage will suck when the engine isn't operating at its normal running temperature anyway, so it doesn't do anything.

    its purpose is just to help cold start driveability in REALLY REALLY cold climates. once the engine is warmed up the hose is closed off and not used anymore anyway. basically it is used for about 2-5 minutes when you first start your engine. that has been sitting off for several hours.