how can I tell if a Mustang is a cobra or not?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by csquire69, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. i am planning on purchasing a 93 Mustang GT conv. the used car lot says it might be a cobra. and wondering if its a cobra or not,how can I tell?
  2. No vert Cobra in 93. I believe the first year SVT made a vert was 94
  3. Personally, I would hesitate to deal with a used car lot that tells you a 93 GT Vert "might" be a Cobra.
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  5. Correct.
  6. Get a build sheet from Ford, provided you can obtain an accurate VIN.
  7. I know a guy that bought an ASC McLaren Mustang from a used car dealer that thought it was a GT. Needless to say he got it for ~$10k less than it was worth.

    Funny how it can work both ways.:shrug:
  8. yup yup no vert in 93 for cobra. Well I guess it "might" not be a cobra after all
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  10. Correct, sir! The 94 Cobra Pace Car...
  11. It it IS a '93 Cobra vert, you could re-sell that car for about $100k
  12. Just to add my .02 > all mustang v-8's sold to and in Canada from 87-93 were call cobra's > as most stang's north of the border were 4 bangers v-8's were special cars imported > Canada title even say COBRA on some of them .
  13. Holy Bumped Thread Batman!
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  15. it will have a "SVT hand built with pride " plate along with the names of who built the engine on it
  16. sorry...that is only select years