how can i tell if my odometer rolled over?

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  1. my car reads 93104.5.. this is what gets me though.. when i bough the car on the 5/26/04 the oil change sticker said change oil again on 5/7/04 and 92XXX miles.. so i got the oil change a couple of days later.. but i just noticed on the new sticker it said change oil again 197XXX miles.. alos the guy at the oil shop told me that the previous owner was a jiffy lube customer too, so they had all the records and stuff.. so would that milage be correct.. im really at 193104.5 or did they just make a mistake while printing that sticker.. remember on the old sticker it didnt have the 1.. and too say that my car really is at 193104.5 should I worry.. my car runs great though too..
  2. look at the interior and brake pedal. If parts of the brake pedal are worn off, then it is likly 197K, and if the seats are saggy and really bad, the same thing. If those two things don't show significant wear, it has 97K miles, or was highway driven a lot, which is a big plus.
  3. it has seat covers.. i havent looked at the real seats yet.. the brake pedal and gas are fine.. but on the clutch pedal the rubber is gone. its just a metal pedal.
  4. If it's an 89 it's more than likely past 100,000 by now. Mine says like 80k, I think it is actually 180k. There's no error in writing down the mileage as 97k because that's what the odometer states anyways.

    If you really must know, you can run the VIN in carfax. The mileage has to be reported at each transfer of ownership. So if you see that the car was sold in 1996 with 10,000 indicated miles or in 1994 with 80,000 indicated miles, you can safely assume it is past 100,000 miles.