How can it be 22 years???

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  1. Bought my King in July of '91, i can not believe it has been almost 22 years since i got it, and sadly have not had the time to drive an denjoy it as much as I should have. Every year I keep saying, this will be the year but it doesnt happen.

    Fortunately I now have a huge shop to store it in and maybe that will help me with getting back on the road. A couple of years ago I put on new tires and a new dual exhaust system.

    It has a very bad pull to one side and I think it might be the steering rack, like i said, just have no time to get it going.....

    Where do i find more time to get it back on the road??

    Thinking about just paying some one to 'get it done'
  2. Well, if you haven't got the drive to fix it, there's no shame in paying someone else to. A car like that is only good if it's being driven and seen. Otherwise, it's just taking up space. Git er done....the nice weather is just around the corner!!! :nice:
  3. 22 Years? You must really like the car to have it that long. I think once you start working on it, you will just keep going to get it done. Just like Gearbanger said You gotta drive it, get it out and have fun. Once you hear the roar of the engine and get people looking, you will ask yourself why you didn't get this on the road sooner.

    I've had my car 30 years. It just keeps getting better every year. :)
  4. The last time I had a car that pulled to one side, it was a brake caliper not releasing. I bled the brake lines and in the process pumped through a bunch of new fluid and that fixed it. Could be alignment too though...
  5. I don't drive mine enough either. I recently went in for the yearly NC safety inspection. The computer threw a red flag about low mileage accumulation. I put 80 miles on it last year. 10 of those miles were driving it to get it inspected.