How can you tell what 5 lug conversion was done on your Fox Body?


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Aug 16, 2018
I bought a 93 Mustang GT and it already has a 5 lug swap on it. Disc breaks up front and drum in the back. How can you tell what conversion the person before me did on the front? It seems like the front wheels stick out further than the rear wheels. It has Cobra R wheels on the car. I want to buy new wheels and just want them to fit perfectly.
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Feb 22, 2007
Typically when the front wheels stick out further, it’s because ‘96-‘04 front spindles were used, rather than ‘94-‘95. They have a little bit wider track width. As far as the rears, when I did my 5 lug conversion, I bought a kit from LMR that contained 5 lug axles and 5 lug drums that fit right over the stock rear shoe set up. You could have that, or possibly a set of Ford Ranger axles and drums. That used to be the common swap before the aftermarket got more involved.