How Come Lx Cost More Then Gt

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  1. both hatchback, but I see LX 5.0 cost more then gt 5.0 , why is that ?
  2. I fail to see any tech data in here... :rolleyes:
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  3. it seems to be that a lot of people seem to prefer the slimmed down LX's over the GT's, although i have no idea why. :scratch:
  4. Because the cars are old enough now that price is based on preference and not sticker math
  5. Its just better with chedder!!!:banana: Now let the war commence!!!:burnout:
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  6. LX dust ya' shoulders off whaut whaut :stir:
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  7. oh god, my 85 gt does feel a bit heavy ( bulky ) to my 89 LX 5.0
  9. LX hatchback, or ftw

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  10. Most of the GTs I see these days are beat down ragged out piles of poop. Clean, well maintained and nicely modded ones are hard to find.

    With that said, I dislike most GTs unless they fall into the latter category.
  11. Like previously said, it's all about preference. Most people prefer the styling of the LX, if not the weight savings of the notchback.

  12. Look at the production #s. I got them some where but im not looking for them right now. There were less Lx 5.0s built. Most Lx's are 4's or v6s. They are lighter, have cleaner lines and they look better. well I think so:stick:
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  13. yall forgot one thing, insurance is about 10 - 20 dollar cheaper then the GT ;)
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  14. I think we can all agree this: nuttin worse to look at than a notch. Man those are hard on the eyes.
  15. I'll stick to my GT

  16. Me Too!
    Funny, people have always told me that LX's are lighter and faster than GT's. Funny, people have always told me that hardtops are lighter and faster than verts. LMFAO
    I just LAUGH because my old GT vert doesn't feel heavy and sluggish at all;).
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  17. Once you stiffen a very they are nearly as quick as the hard tops. It's the chassis flex and usually the aod that kills them.
  18. My stock AOD kills the fun with its granny shifts :(

    My GT is old and run down but it'll be fixed soon :nice:. Just needs a paint job now that the interior is coming along nicely. Along with an engine and tranny rebuild.

    I don't like LXs. They look like naked mustangs.
  19. I tend to run faster when I'm naked. :banana:
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