How Come Lx Cost More Then Gt

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  1. New CT? @Noobz347

  2. I agree the weight difference isn't that significant, but perception is a strong motivator.

  3. "I don't like LXs. They look like naked mustangs." I like the sound of that. Naked is always good...
  4. why hate C4 ? as older I get, and traffic, and daily drive, I really like Auto over manual. Mabe im too lazy, I just want put on D and cruising.
  5. :scratch:
  6. No GT has ever beaten a LX in a race. This is why they fetch a premium...
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  7. Dis guy mustve come from a honda forum
  8. They say White GT's are the sloooooooow-est :rlaugh:
  9. Comin from the black sheep :eek:
  10. i dont understand the question :cool:

    Why would it be any other way :stir:
  11. Dis gun be gud :pop:
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  13. That is sexy. I might go gt if I ever get another fox.
  14. C'mon Hulk, lets see that notch.
  15. Him green with envy
  16. "you see the size of that chicken?":bang:
  17. The reason is a simple reality that applies to most things financial - Supply and Demand