How Difficult Is It To Change Driver's Side Exhaust Header Gasket With Long Tube Headers?

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  1. So my '99 GT has developed a pretty good exhaust leak from the driver's side exhaust header. I bought it with the long tubes, and yeah, they sound great, but I would have never have put them on for this very reason. I know the engine has to be disconnected from the motor mounts and such, but is there anything else major involved? I found this article on how to install long tubes, but would the installation be the same changing a header gasket? Do I really have to pull all that other crap out of the way?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Unfortunately, the answer is "its a pain in the azz" and "yes" you will have to take a ton of stuff off to get at it.

    Drop the front suspension off, disconnect the steering rack from the k member, brace the engine, drop the k member, then finally you can reach the headers. PITA.
  3. Make sure you buy some good gaskets and get the Stage 8 locking fasteners. That way the bolts CAN'T come loose again. Header bolts aren't something you want to chase. Good Luck.
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  4. That is a LOT of work..... I feel soorry for you guys
  5. Pretty easy on my fox :D
  6. Acceptance is the first step to recovery. In your case, repairing your exhaust leak. Accept the fact that you will have to drop the K member. Honestly, it will be way faster in the long run and cause less headaches and frustration.
  7. Ditto

    Know it before you begin or you will lose hours trying to maneuver around the kmember, looking for the perfect angle, the perfect opening, holding your tongue in a different ways, wrenching your back and neck around. Until finally, you will ultimately land and the conclusion that it would have been faster and easier to remove the kmember.
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  8. HAHA!!