How Do I Advance Timing?

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  1. Hey guys just a little curious on how to advance my timing on my 03 GT I know I gotta run higher fuel I do anyway, just winding how I can free up some extra low end torque and horse

  2. Unless you've got a hand held controller like one made by SCT or Diablosport to electronically do it for you through your ECU function, you'll have to do it mechanically.

    I've used the Steeda timing adjuster in the past and it worked quite well.
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  3. Yea dude, Gear bangers advise is spot on, he's a wrench turner though and seems to enjoy the labor though. Unless you like screwing w/the timing cover and or any thing having to do with timing chain; tuners is advised, computers are the bomb. Save up for a tune.

    :burnout:You will hav'ta buy a new timing chain gasket , the timing chain adapter and maybe some oil. Plus risk injury to your crankshaft. Get a handheld. Less to worry about, other then the tuner.
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  4. If you have medium-high mechanical knowledge of the 2V motor, the STEEDA timing adjuster can do it for a fraction of the cost of a handheld. If you have a general idea of how to advance timing, a handheld will do it. If you have little knowledge about tuning, don't even think about it.
  5. Actually, I don't remember having to do any of that to install the Steeda Timing adjuster. If memory serves, you don't even need to remove the balancer? Pretty much unbolt the crank sensor from its existing location on the timing cover, pull it out and replace it with the supplied bracket, bolt the sensor to the new mounting location on the bracket then bolt the timing bracket and trigger wheel onto the balancer? It's been about 8 or so years since I did the deed, but I don't recall it being overly difficult? Gives you something like 10-degrees in either direction. Pretty neat little set up to be honest.
  6. Either way I really apreeaciate the advice I've been getting from everyone. I've got a hand held so. Hopefully should be too hard just gotta fool with it. Just curious tho. Any advice on how to mess with timing on the tuners?
  7. That explains it all. Don't mess with it yourself. Have a tune written for you.
  8. If you are in-depth already, than getting an apprenticeship with localy known Tuner would be a start. Talk to Bama. You don't have to buy one of there tunes, but he can fill your head with know-how's. Wish I had time and cash to fix to get good at tuning. I bought a Bully Watchdog to monitor timing, at different temps watching the Mass Air Flow is always good to watch with the timing.