How do i change turn signal flasher?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Munnstang, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. I have an 88 Mustang, Ive heard different years have flashers in different spots and mines near my fuse panel. Do I need to take my dash apart to get at it, I heard it was sort of behind the fuse panel, or above it? My turn signals completely stopped working, so this is kind of important. Thanks :)
  2. check the fuses in your fuse box make sure your turn signal flasher thing isnt worn out.
  3. The thing is, there is no flasher where it says there should be one in the fuse panel, yet my turn signals used to work. All my other fuses are fine, I tried to put a flasher in where it says, but it does not fit. Strange!
  4. got an 88, mine is under my steering column(was) tucked away with some tape
  5. oh ok, so no need to take apart the dash then I hope. Thanks
  6. no, nothing like that
  7. Man I just replaced the flasher on my '87 this weekend. There is one on the back of the fuse box, but that is for your emergeny flashers not your turn signals. My turn signal one was way up behind the dash above the steering column. The little nipple on top of the flasher was popped through a matching hole on a little bracket. It was a pain laying on my back in the floorboard with a flashlight, but I didn't have to take anything apart. When I replaced it though I just used a zip-tie and put it where it would be easy to get to if I have to change it again.