How Do I Disconnect My Alarm?

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  1. My car came with an alarm in it and I simply don't need it and its a pain in the ass to start my car with it hooked up so I want it disconnected anybody know how to do this? I cut the ground wire and it shuts my car down and I can't start it rhats why I'm asking this. Thanks guys
  2. I believe the factory alarm system is in the trunk, a black box or so, mounted on the left side behind the carpet walling that you have to pull back, it's right by the fuel pump switch cut-out.
    Pretty sure that is it, but I think it's also the remote keyless entry as well as the alarm system.
  3. Its an aftermarket system I know where it is but I don't know whag to do do I just cut the power wire ir something
  4. That's a little bit tricky.
    I've dealt with an aftermarket alarm before. Fortunately for me, I was able to rip it out no problem. Lots of recripping/soldering wires back together. The idiot before me used scotch packing tape to hold the little Viper brand security system unit up under the dash. He just kind of wrapped the tape and box around a bunch of random wires... :nonono:

    What you need to do is, follow all the wires to where they're attached to and disconnect them all that lead back to the aftermarket security system box ( under the dash I presume). The wires running from the box should look clearly different from any stock wiring and will all lead to different things like a door chimer, headlights, key on, things of that sort. Anyways, these aftermarket wires should be simple to remove without causing any side effects to your original factory harness

    While looking over the aftermarket harness of the security system just look for the simple things that could impede any original connections, splice ins (which you should remove), cut stock wires that could be now linked to the AF security system.

    There's not much wrong you can do as long as you take your time and examine where everything goes.
  5. If it has an ignition cut, that is the only wire that is tricky. It will run up under the dash to the wiring column and attach into the wiring harness from the ignition switch. It grounds out the ignition circuit in case of theft to keep the car from starting. It will most likely be installed poorly and be obvious. Get that wire, and everything else is risk free.

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