How Do I Get 300 Hp!?!

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  1. No, it actually has very little overlap, so it doesn't lope much at all. Getting a cam that lopes more might hurt performance though. The E cam he offers, or the B cam might have more lope actually, but they are old dinosaur single grinds, and they usually don't pump out the power of a good dual grind like the Trick Flow 1. Thumper is going to have a much better idea of what works well with his heads then I am.

  2. OK, thanks!
  3. I just bought a 95 GT with 120K miles and a TFS top end kit with the Track Heat intake, and (I think) stage II cam. The previous owner bought it off the person who had the work done and it wouldn't run. I turns out that it had 42# inj and a 80 mm MAF which were swapped for 30#'s and a 75 mm MAF and replaced some improperly installed intake gaskets and it ran good for him. I took it to get dyno tuned and it did 286 rwhp/315 rwtq. I was disappointed hoping for 300 hp but the tuner (who has a 1500hp Mustang) said I had a lot of area under the curve as another mentioned which is better that peaky higher numbers. My car has long tubes which he things are hurting my #'s and an exhaust leak (so he did a conservative tune). The history and miles of my engine are unknown so I think a 5.0L in good condition with a properly installled TFS kit would hit 300 rwhp no problem and you can find them on the forums and CL for good prices.
  4. So what are you saying...were the injectors and MAF too big for the motor? What are the ideal sizes for these motors?
  5. Definitely the injectors were, I don't know about the MAF but they are calibrated for the inj size so maybe that is why he swapped the MAF. I'm not sure which size MAF is optimum anyway but I tuned what it had and the tuner didn't say it was bad. Ask around on the forums and a tuner and you will get a good answer.
  6. I can't imagine anyone who knows what they are talking about saying that "long tube headers hurt power".

    They are light years better at almost everything than even the best short tubes.
    Power, torque, fuel economy, and they even aid in cooling the engine.
  7. You have that broad power curve because of your long tubes, not in spite of your long tubes.

    Your numbers are being hurt by something else, and propped up by the LTs.
  8. In theory longtubes should hurt the low end torque, but I have never seen a car that didn't pick up across the board with longtubes. Better all the way around in the real world.

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  9. Here is a thread on it where he responds (pg #2) to another question of LT's on a SN95 5.0:

    But what he told me in person is it isn't the design of the LT and how they scavenge exhaust gas that hurts the performance it's the fact that the 95 5.0 has unheated O2 sensors that use exhaust heat to perform and the design of the LT is that is places them further back in the exhaust system and they have problems reaching their proper temp to perform and it hurts the tuning of the engine.

    He is a well respected local dyno/tuner and shop owner who also races (1500hp Mustang). He also has a thread on that forum under DynoTune MP.

  10. This proves my point...
    The O2 sensors ARE heated. That is what HEGO means. The "H" stands for "heated".
  11. I did an internet search and couldn't find if the O2 sensors are heated by electricity or the exhaust gas so I will bow out of debate. I was just providing my experience to the OP to help him in his endeavors/choices.

    I did find this website that said HEGO is not always correctly applied description of some 02 sensors.

    Can you show me where it specifies that the 02 sensors on the 94-95 5.0 in the SN95 are heated via their electrical connector and not the exhaust gas?