How do I get blood off the carpet?

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  1. I got blood on my carpet over the weekend and i want to get it off. Any suggestions?

    Whats a good cleaner?
  2. blood from what? :shrug:
  3. any suggestions?
  4. lmao could you somehow come off as MORE shady?? :p Really, what's it from?
  5. oxyclean. believe it or not it works.
  6. Where can i get oxyclean? I never heard of it before.
  7. The blood is from me! My knuckles/hand/arm.

    Got into a barfight friday night and it got messy. But no jailtime so +1 for that.
  8. Okay and then how do i get the smell of pee out of my car? Let me guess oxyclean.
  9. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: i'm gonna have to say SEAFOAM. it works for everything else.:rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  10. Okay before this gets derailed is oxyclean the only thing suggested? Does it matter that the blood has dried? Any ideas on how to get it out of the center console?
  11. 1. clean with damp cloth and get as much as you can.
    2. oxyclean - walmart, kmart, online, etc...
    3. mix some up and use a brush to scrub it in a lil. then vac out.

    I've seen the oxyclean remove blood from "other" fabrics, it should work on the car too.
    also a quick google shows..
    That’s because blood can easily be removed from most washable cotton bedding by using a very ordinary household cleaning aid: shampoo. Shampoo really works in eliminating unsightly blood stains. Best yet any shampoo will usually do the trick, be it your favorite brands or a less expensive store brand.

    Also some links

    good luck
  12. seriously oxyclean is a good product, everthing else on the market is semi dangeours, and is best tested on a floor mat or something you can replace if it has a bleaching effect.
  13. Thanks guys. It looks like i murdered someone in my car. and it has a slight metal smell to it.

  14. you got into a barfight.....need more info
  15. +1 for oxyclean or one of the other similar oxygen products. You can find it in the laundry soap section at walmart.
  16. peroxide got blood out of a old shirt :shrug:
  17. Well my friends and i were at a bar and it was a halloween event so some people were dressed up My fiance was one of them. She went as an angel and had a white shirt on so... My friends and i are all getting drunk and waiting for my friends Cousin's band to get on stage (there a Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute band) and were all pumped for them to get on. So the whole time they are on stage these guys at the bar are saying Skynyrd sucks. So we kept telling them to STFU. After awhile we just ignored them and the music drowned them out.

    Well my fiance and i go up to the bar to get some more beer while the band takes a break. Now all of those dicks were sitting at the bar and one of them was eyeballing my fiance. I was watching him the whole time too and he saw me looking at him. I ordered my beer and her drink and he goes to get up and says to her that costume would look alot better if your shirt was see through. So i said to him buddy keep dreaming buddy. As were about to walk away he tosses his drink on her shirt. I immediately flip out and throw my pitcher of beer in his face and shove him. My friends see whats going on and start to walk over.

    Now this guy fell to the floor when i shoved him and his friends are helping him up. My fiance is in the bathroom and my friends are asking me what happened. As i'm explaining it to them the guy i shoved hits me in the head with an aluminum beer bottle which hurt like hell. I drop down to a knee and my friends attack the guy. Before you know its a 5 on 5 brawl. Now there is beer bottles getting knocked over and broken glass oll over the floor. I tackle the guy that hit me with the beer bottle and start hitting him while hes on the ground. I believe that is how i got all cut up becaus i basically landed on shards of glass. I actually had glass in my hand when i was punching him. I heard the bar tender yelling to call the cops so i get up and he didn't. (My first Knock Out ever!) my one buddy has a busted lip and bloody nose. i tell him that we got to get out of here.

    His girlfreind goes into the bathroom to get my fiance and my friends and i left. I got in the car and the blood was just dripping down my right arm. I wipe most of it off on my shirt and jeans but the rest kept dripping on the floor and arm rest and console. We didn't get caught but i don't think we will be going back there for awhile. My friends cousins filled us in on what happened after we left and that they pretty much shut down the bar for the rest of the evening. They didn't close it but it was basically lights on and cops asking a bunch of people Qs. They did arrest one of the guys that was in the fight though. But he got arrested for trying to run away from the cops. I'm so glad we got out of there when se did.

    As for the aftermath. Well i have to clean my car and lay low for a little bit till all the dust settles. My arm looks like a chain saw hit it. My fiance said i was lucky that i didn't slit my wrist on the glass when i dove. I have cuts all over the front of my body.

    SO THATS HOW I GOT BLOOD ON MY CARPET. Sorry it was so long
  18. That was what i was going to use originally.