How do I get this crap off?!?

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  1. I decided to take off my wing to clean underneath it and i liked it so i kept it off, but now there's some kind of glue that is left behind in like an oval spot where the wing touched. Is there any kind of chemical I can use or something.? So far the only way is with a razor blade and that isn't too good for the paint...
    please reply

  2. Clay bar or take a hair dryer to kinda make its easier to get off and use a rag and rub it off if its a glue type gunk
  3. i tried claybar, it did nothing, i guess i'll try the hair dryer, i doubt it will work, that stuff's really on there. any other ideas?

  4. If all else fails, you can try that Goo Gone stuff. It’s cleaned everything I’ve used it on (and I’ve needed to use it a lot :nonono:). I haven’t used it on a car, but it’s supposed to be safe on the exterior, so you’ll have to look at the instructions if you do use it.

    I hope something works. :)
  5. try this

    try using gasoline
    put some on a rag and wipe off
    that or nail polish remover.
  6. DON'T use nail polish remover on your paint!!! It is made to REMOVE paint-it usually contains acetone, and that is what I use to clean my piant gun!!

    I can't remember what I've heard people using to remove dealer stickers...Maybe search for that?
  7. Goo Gone will do it and it shouldn't hurt the paint. You should be able to find it at WalMart, probably even the local grocery store should have it.
  8. i've tried goo gone too and some adhesive remover from 3m. nothin worked, iguess i'll try rubbing harder i dunno.
    thanks for the replies

  9. i was able to wax mine off, and some elbow grease :nice:
  10. WD40 works. I used it to remove the side molding adhesive on my first car.