How do I tell if I have a Challenger High Performance Stang?

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  1. Hey all
    First post here. Anyway, my father and I are planning on restoring his 1965 GT Mustang. It's a four speed and when I was looking into it I noticed that there were three HP options for the GT. From what I saw they were 200, 225, and 271. I read that the 225 was a three speed, but I know for a fact that ours is a four speed. Does that mean it was the 271 option?
    It that's the way it is, then that's not so great. When my father was a teenager his sister blew a head gasket on the orginial motor and instead of fixing that one, my father was duped by a mechanic into buying another motor. I know it's definately a V8, but that's about all I know. So, if this car was the real 271 hp GT, what are your recommendations about trying to get it back to stock. Do we purchase a rebuild kit and try to get the engine to the GT specs or do we buy a crate motor and start from scatch? I'm trying to do as much research as possible so we can get moving on this. If you guys can help me out it would be great.

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  2. Check the VIN number if the fifth digit is a K its the 271hp, if its an A it is the 225. Any other letter and it should not be a GT.
  3. Those #'s you posted are the horsepower ratings. The 271 was the Hi-po motor. The 5th digit in the Vin # should be a "K" for it. If it is and the motor was replaced in the past, then it will be very expensive to aquire a genuine replacement. If that's the case then just use what you've got or go the crate motor route, unless you can rebuild your own motors.The "K" code motor is easily identified, just remove a valve cover and look inside to see if there are cast-in valve spring pockets in the heads. The Hi-po heads are the only small block heads to have this feature. You can also remove the starter and check the casting #'s on the block there.Post the #'s and someone can tell you what you've got. 4 speeds also came behind the 225 and 200 horse motors too
  4. If it is a 'K' car and doesn't have the original motor, give Ford Power Parts a call. They have a rare variety of hard to find motors.

    Sucky website and sometimes hard to reach. If you are in SoCal, the owner is usually attends the Long Beach High Performance Swap Meet with a truckload of parts.

  5. It's the 225

    Just checked it out, it's the 225.

    What was the difference on the camshafts between the 225 and 271, carburetors, and intake manifold.

    Also, I now know the replacement engine was the 200hp. I am certain that my father and I would want to go back to the 225. So what is your advice on this? Do we try to alter the motor to 225 or do we go crate?
  6. I also used a decoder site and figured out the details.
  7. it all depends on if you want a stock as a rock car like Superdave's or if you want to MOD it and make it a resto-mod. Once you figure that out we can help you even more.
  8. Well, I'm not going to run old stangs down looking for a genuine GT motor. If I have to go the way of a different motor, I will go for a crate motor. How about the other info? I was just curious about the real difference between the 225 and the 271.
  9. I wonder how much hp the K code was actually making the best time I've heard of a stock K code coupe running down the track was around a 15 something. Meaning it only pumped out around 180 hp at the wheels.
  10. solid lifters was one difference. K engine had them, A code and C code didnt.
  11. The difference between the 225 and 271 motors was the 271 had a solid lifter cam, both had the same intake and carb. The Hi-po had heads with the afore mentioned spring pockets & screw in studs. Other than this, both motor's heads are the same. The Hi-po also had better rods and a slightly better crank and beefier main caps. The 271's were just improved mainly toward reliability. To quote a phrase ( can't recall who said it) the Hipo was "built for a teenager yanking on a 4 speed stick and to hold together shifting at 7500rpms"