How Do I Tell What Fuel Tank To Order?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by KyleEBK, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. So i have a 84 svo mustang and im wondering what tank i should order, the in tank fuel pump or the external mechanical fuel pump tank, the current tank is the stock tank i would think.
  2. I'm not sure exactly what you are getting at here. Are you looking to have a stock tank with the stock fuel system or are you upgrading things?
    Is the car carb'd or fuel injected. does it car an electric intank, electric external or engine mounted mechanical pump?
  3. Stock tank leaking its a 92 fuel injected 5.0 motor

  4. Stock tank leaking from where? Through the metal or at the grommet?
  5. dont know really ill have to look whats the difference? i guess i could talk to a shop and see what they say perhaps

    its been a slow leak that has gotten quite a bit worse it leaks real bad when the car is running, kinda between a trickle and a drip
  6. This would suggest the car has a mechanical pump ALTHOUGH..
    This would suggest you should have swapped the tank over to a fuel injected tank. As well as swapped over from a mechanical fuel pump to an in-tank electrical pump.
  7. i bought the car like it is so i have no clue whether its in the tank or outside the tank, i dont have the other owners contact info since ive owned the car for 5 years so no way to ask them