how do i throw in a tremec?

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  1. i just ordered the tremec 3550 and bellhousing today.while im down there im gonna replace the clutch, flywheel, rear seal and whatever is else can be changed out. im already set on a spec clutch but i dont know what flywheel will go well. thing is i wanna get this all done in a day. id like to know about everything ill need for the install, like specialty tools and parts, before its 10 oclock at night and the store isnt open. im ordering the clutch kit. do these include throwout bearings or whatever else? is there anything i should check? anything i need to be careful with? id really appreciate the help. my friends gonna help me, hes been through all the school. but i dont trust him very much around fords?
  2. shifter, fluid, beer
  3. uhmmm...get a few of your buddies together then pick it up, run a few feet and let it go? :D

    no, really though, it should be a straightforward swap
  4. your going to need a grinder of some sort to take the welds off of the cross member
  5. Well considering your tremec weighs over 100lbs you wont throw it in there, get a strong friend and have fun with it. Make sure your clutch came with an alinment tool, which it should have. Always nice to have a can of brake cleaner to spray the flywheel down with before you lay the clutch disc on the flywheel.
    You can have the flywheel resurfaced for less than $30 so there really is no need to replace it unless its in bad shape or has been resurfaced many times.
    Have a cutoff wheel and a MIG welder or ARC. Cut off the tac welds holding the sides off the crossmember front to rear where the bolts run through. Cut the tac welds off and then lay it in the car and move it so that the studs on the tranny mount are centered in the crossmember slots.
    Its time consuming to do, but necessary.
  6. You dont have to weld it right then and there. Alot of people do not have access to one in the first place. Do the swap and grind the welds off. Then drive to meinike or soemthing and tack the crossmember up.
  7. clutch replacement

    Don't forget the pilot bearing....and the O2 sensors, probably replace (they have to be removed, to get the H-pipe off anyway)
  8. so what do you do when you move the cross member back? tack it back up where it fits right or do people bolt it up or do nothing or what? just woderin. i knew you had to relocate but i never heard people say part of relocating it was tacking it back up in its new place, even though that seemed kinda necessary.
  9. it might rattle and what not and make soem vibration. It should take maybe 10 minutes to grind off the old paint and tac it up.