How do u make a 2.3 sound better??

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  1. Is there ANYTHING that will make a 2.3L engine sound better?? I don't have the money to do an engine swap (or afford gas for a 5.0), so I'm trying to make do with what I have. I haven't found anything for a 4 cyl, so i'm guessing they don't really make anything? I wouldn't be surprised, but I'm hoping that there's something ot helpme get even a little more power out of it. Would it even make sense to do anything ot it, or would it be a waste? :rolleyes:
  2. nope theres nothing that will make you any faster than a 17 second car unless you put in a new motor.
  3. I understand that installing a Ranger header will improve the sound a little, but I don't know for sure as I have not put mine on yet.
    I think it was RayIII who suggested a 40 series Flowmaster(correct me if I'm wrong guys!), and most everyone agrees that the muffler should be dumped, that is no tail pipe, only an elbow right off the muffler pointing down(I did'nt know). But I'm not sure if that's legal in all locales(I don't think it is where I'm at).
    Dual exhaust is a "look" for the 2.3, it does not provide better sound or more power.
    Last, but certainly not least, get a HI-FLO cat, Catco has affordable ones, I've used them and recommend them. Check eBay and Summit.
  4. duals on a 2.3 would probably rob power, and if you get flowmaster 40s you dont want them dumped, i have a tailpipe on mine, and its loud enough. it sounds alright at idle, but it still doesnt compare to v8s, maybe a wimpy v6, but i wouldnt go that far.
  5. oooooooook, I just got a huge booty cold air intake for a honda offa ebay for $30 and threw a delta flow muffler (flooooomasta) for a v-6. that thing sets off car alarms alot! I also get tons of compliments from people, and every1 wants to race, even tho im slow lol!
  6. And O ya', dont really waste nemore money into the 4 banger unless its turbo. It wont get ne faster . (but the air intake/muffler will add power)
  7. consider a PA speaker and you can have any sound you want :D Like trains, airplanes or even top fuel dragsters :D
  8. So you have a 2.3L and it sounds THAT good?? You guys crack me up, i appreciate the advice, and i'll def look into your suggestions, if u can think of anything else let me know!

  9. Somebody sure knows their stuff :nice: (you have to go beyond bolt-ons with this motor, then it will make more[not loads of]power).
    There is more than one way to skin a cat.
  10. I was in the same boat a few weeks ago and took a trip to my local exhaust shop that does exhaust for a few drag teams in the area. I was informed that you really can't pull a lot of sound from the N/A 2.3 becasue of the cat and the way it is set up. His suggestion to me was to use a glass pack and call it good.

    It was a cheap alternative and now that I have my 2.3 turbo engine almost ready to drop in I was glad to go the cheap route. NOw that i need to re plumb the whole exhaust.
  11. you don't really want to dump a muffler, it's too loud and annoying. It's even worse if the insides of your cats have disappeared.

    The part number for the Flowmasters are 42443 for 2-1/4" exhaust (recommended) and 42543 for 2-1/2" (only if you're making much power)

    My exhaust consists of the stainless steel shorty tubular header found on some 2.3 Rangers, the old exhaust coupler welded to three 30 degree 2-1/4" exhaust elbows cut and welded together as necessary to route the exhaust down to before the tranny x-member and pointing straight back, then a catalytic converter from NAPA (part number 15052) held on with a couple exhaust clamps, then two more elbows to offset the exhaust closer to the driveshaft and pointing straight back with the rear exhaust coupler and exhaust hanger welded on, then the other half of the exhaust coupler welded to a 21" peice of 2-1/4" OD pipe which is inserted into the inlet of the 42443 with a clamp, weld on the old muffler hanger, and finally the driver side stainless steel tailpipe from an LX 5.0 with the necessary material added to go into the muffler outlet with a clamp. (one day I will get around to a complete writeup with pics)

    That car sounded badass for a 4 banger. It's hard to describe the sound but it sure as hell wasn't a Honda with a fartcannon. One day after finally completing the exhaust, I tore the motor down. :(
  12. There is no power to rob, I have dual cat backs 40 series flows, it still sounds like a sick v6 but I have the same power as before the addition of them.

    If you want to increase sound and some response, gut the cats on the N/A. I keep saying this and still have not got my lazy but to do it yet.
  13. an open long tube with a nasty cam sounds pretty good ;)
    Otherwise, keep it somewhat quite, and it will at least be tasteful istead of obnoxious and anoying. If you want a good sound from a 2.3, then you better invest in a nice stereo. I have yet to hear a 2.3 that sounds good, and I have seen a lot of em, ranging from cirle track warriars, daily driver, and everything turbo between 17 and 11 second quarter mile times.
  14. :nonono: man I definately agree.

    The only reason I like mine is because they wistle at you.
  15. I don't know...I think my 91 sounds pretty does Cougar's SVO.

    Add a flowmaster 40 series muffler...
  16. I second that
  17. Gtask8- I'm sure the only people who give you compliments on that sound are ricers. A 4 banger with loud exhaust sounds like crap, no way around it. I have owned 3 4 banger turbo mustangs(2 SVO's) and a nice quite super turbo is the only way to go and not disgrace yourself. Sorry to be harsh but better to hear it from one of your brother stangers.
  18. I want a mine to keep sounding like a N/A no matter what I do to it.
  19. i'm totally bypassin my muffler tuesday. Probably sound like total ass but we'll see.
  20. no I think yours sounded a little scary. Like it was trying to lift-off.

    That was cool...

    The coupe sounds sick at the instant of full throttle at low RPM before it spools.