Discussion in 'Special Production' started by admdavs, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. I am just curious, how can we begin a "Roush" specific forum in the special productions Forum area- we have Saleen but no Roush! I would like to get this forum started- how can it be done????
  2. i've passed your message along.
  3. Thanks! I hope we can get this forum up and running since there a great number of Roush owner's out there!
  4. Same here. I'm concidering a Roush 380R, but there is absolutely no information about the car anywhere. It would be most helpful if there was a Roush section created.
  5. Roush section would be nice! :D
  6. Let's keep this post going in hopes of a moderator realizing that we need a Roush section under the special producitons-!!!!
  7. Now ...... :rolleyes: it only took a few years. Would love to see the fourm also. :nice:
  8. Does anyone know how we can get this forum started????
  9. i sent another message along to admins. will see what they say.
  10. Thanks again- hope we get our forum!!!!!
  11. I might have a 380R by the end of the week! Now I'm really all for it. :D
  12. Dr. Bleed post your Roush when you make the purchase! Hopefully we can get ths forum!
  13. Yes I have been hoping something like that would come along. There are quite a few Roush owners on this board and many could benifit from them.
  14. Come on Administrators- let's give Roush a forum in special productions!!!
  15. Bueller...Bueller...
  16. It has to be a FORD production vehicle .... I'm sure. Since SALEEN is recognized manuf. they get a forum too. :rolleyes:
  17. yeah I think it is a great idea...Roush are nice looking cars :)
  18. bueller...bueller...
  19. Roush is a recognized Manufacturer! Jack Roush kicked off the 40th anniversary celebration in Nashville- let's go administrators- Roush specific Forum!!!!!!